Ana De Armas Gets Fully Transformed Into Marilyn Monroe in The First Blonde Trailer

Ana De Armas Gets Fully Transformed Into Marilyn Monroe in The First Blonde Trailer ...

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Ana de Armas, a natural brunette, will play Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywoods most famous blondes.

Monroe is depicted in the first full-length trailer for Blonde, which was released by Netflix on Thursday.

I know that you want to get used to it, but I cant. I have performed as Marilyn Monroe many times. Doing another scene with Marilyn Monroe is too difficult for me. De Armas, 34,identifies as the recognisable blonde.

In a conversation with a reporter, Marilyn Monroe says, "I'm Norma Jeane when I leave my dressing room." When the camera is rolling, I remain her. Only onscreen does Marilyn Monroe exist.

Monroe is shown in the teaser for the NC-17 film, which will be available on Netflix on September 28. The teaser depicts her dealing with the persistent paparazzi, her interactions with different men, and her downward descent as a Hollywood icon.

As Marilyn Monroe experiences a wide spectrum of emotions, a teaser for Blonde: Ana de Armas

Blonde, based on Joyce Carol Oates' best-selling book, boldly reimagines Marilyn Monroe's tangled life. The film blurs the lines between fact and fiction, according to the Netflix synopsis.

The film will also examine Monroe's life before she became famous as Norma Jeane, her rise to stardom, and her relationships with men along the way.

Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in Netflix's NC-17 pseudo-biopic, according to the latest 'Blonde' teaser.

In an interview with Netflix Queue last month, De Armas stated that director Andrew Dominik intended to convey Monroes story through her perspective.

Every scene, according to de Armas, is inspired by an existing photograph. What Norma Jeane was experiencing in this situation was always the first question asked. Marilyn became the world's most well-known person due to her fame, but Norma became the least noticeable.

Kim Kardashian's fascination with Marilyn Monroe has returned following the Met Gala dress controversy.

Kim Kardashian wore a vintage Monroe outfit to the 2022 Met Gala in May, sparking a rekindling of Monroe's legacy.

According to an expert who is intimately familiar with the garment who told USA TODAY on June 15 that Kardashian appeared to have irreparably damaged it.

Chad The garment had irreversible damage, according to visual artist and curator Michael Morrissette, who saw it on June 12 at Ripleys Believe It or Not! on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Morrissette claimed to have handled the garment before when he put it on display for Juliens Auctions in 2016, where Ripleys bought it for $4.8 million.

Promotional art for BLONDE featuring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe

Morrissette took photos of the dress and shared them with Monroe artefact collector Scott Fortner to see how the outfit appeared before Kardashian wore it. Fortner then reposted the photos on Instagram.

Marilyn wore it one evening, like skin covered her body, according to Morrissette.

Kardashian and Ripleys wore the garment to the Met Gala sixty years later. She reportedly only wore it for a short period before changing into a copy in order to protect the original.

I have the highest regard for the outfit and what it represents in American history. At the time, Kardashian told Vogue, I would never want to sit in it, dine in it, or have any chance of any damage to it.

Morrissette claims that any textile specialist can see that the garment should have never been worn in the first place.

Everything you do destroys an object that is more than 60 years old, including the fabric, thread, and sequins. It becomes damaged every time you display it, according to the author.

Ripleys, well-known for its extensive collection of popular artefacts, refuted Morrissette's claims in a press release on June 16: Kardashian did not, in any way, harm the garment.

Amanda Joiner, Ripleys VP of Publishing and Online Marketing, said the dress was in the same condition from the start of the Met steps, where Kim put it on, until the top, where it was returned. Continually with the dress on the Gala day and during the flight from Orlando to New York.

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