JoJo Siwa Explains Why She prefers to identify as "Gay" rather than "Lesbian."

JoJo Siwa Explains Why She prefers to identify as "Gay" rather than "Lesbian." ...

JoJo Siwas TikTok shared her views on the terms gay and lesbian after receiving some backlash for saying she doesn't like the term lesbian; the 19-year-old explained why she prefers the term gay rather than lesbian in reference to her sexuality.

Siwa's interview with Yahoo! Life on July 25 sparked outrage among some fans. She talked about coming out as LGBTQ+ after being made public in January 2021, and made remarks about preferring not to use the term lesbian. She said: "I don't like the word itself."

Siwas' followers misinterpreted the statement, believing she was referring to the lesbian identity as negative rather than the whole thing. She then uploaded a TikTok video to clarify everything: "I never said that 'lesbian' was a dirty word," Siwa said.

Siwa continued by stating that lesbian isn't a slur, and it's not a term I'm ashamed of using or ashamed of identifying as by any means.

Siwa said she prefers to use the term gay rather than lesbian because of the sound of the words and no other connotation. I don't hate the term lesbian, because whenever someone talks to me about my sexuality I just say that I'm gay, she said. It's not the word that flows out the tongue for me, if it makes sense.

Siwa has shared that she has been hesitant about putting labels on her sexuality since she first appeared at the start of 2021. She is now figuring out what she likes and what she doesn't.

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