Any Type Of Bride Gets 17 Creative Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Any Type Of Bride Gets 17 Creative Bridal Shower Gift Ideas ...

Shopping for the perfect bridal shower present is often easier than selecting the perfect outfit to wear on your special day. According to Emily Forrest, Zola's director of communications, two-thirds of Zola couples update their registry for their bridal shower. However, if you cant find anything on the registry that is really worth the investment, there are plenty of other options.

If you're giving both the shower and the wedding, the recommended price point for the shower present is about half what you'd spend on a wedding present, according to Forrest. Ultimately, if you're invited to the shower, chances are you're already pretty close with the couple, so the traditional gifting rules might go out of the window.

Find affordable drinkware, honeymoon-ready suitcases, and more for all types of brides below.

Specialty Drinkware & Serveware

Specialty beverageware and serveware will be the number one category for wedding showers in 2022, according to Forrest. Couples are really looking forward to doing something new, according to Forrest. Charcuterie boards, bar carts, and even year-long wine subscriptions are great options for couples who want to entertain their friends and family.

These stemless glasses are a great alternative for couples who want to go beyond the typical barware. With over 9,000 five-star ratings, these stemless beauties will match every couple's taste, regardless of their drink preference.

This is a fantastic bar-set, we love them. They are a good size, well-balanced, and weighted, making them extremely comfortable to hold and handle. They work equally well for a bourbon, scotch, or any moderately sized bar beverage (they hold several shots with or without mixer and ice).

This versatile cheese board is popular among foodie-obsessed individuals. It's also an economical way to use it for a wine dinner or as an appetizers tray for dinner parties.

Top review: This product was given as a present for my bridal shower and it is no lie one of my favorite items. I have used it for several dinner parties and it has been a smash hit. I bought one to give as a housewarming present for a friend. The cutlery included is a wonderful touch.

A mini cake stand is likely to be one of the most requested wedding shower gifts in 2022. This $45 glass cake stand from Amazon is ideal for couples who like to bake (and entertain).

Top review: This cake platter fits two layers of cake, but it's not particularly heavy and easily breakable. It's also heavy glass, so it's not lightweight and easily broken. The lid holds the cake together well, keeping the cake moist.

This $16 gadget is a must-have for anyone who enjoys wine. It instantly aerates any bottle of wine, saving time (no waiting time!) and ensuring a better tasting pour.

Top review: I purchased this for my Dad, who loves his wine. He didn't like that it would affect the flavor of the wine, so I had him try some inexpensive wine without this aerator and then had him try it with the aerator, and the taste was like night and day.

Honeymoon & Travel Accessories

The second most popular wedding shower gift category in 2022 is honeymoon and travel accessories. This category, according to Forrest, has increased in popularity as a result of a surge of domestic and international tourism. From suitcases to packing cubes, these travel items will help make your honeymooners first vacation after the wedding even more pleasant.

Any honeymooners should never have to worry about messy suitcases. Gift your favorite couple a set of premium packing cubes, complete with a laundry bag and a separate shoe container.

Top review: I just purchased these Veken packing cubes and they really make packing much easier. You can keep underwear, shirts, and everything separate. These packing cubes are well-made and they didnt break when I stuffed them. You will need several sets if you want to keep your luggage organized on a long trip.

A set of matching luggage tags and passport holders will make your honeymoon more memorable. Made of vegan leather, these sturdy items are built to last and will not break during long layovers or hazardous luggage handling.

This was a wedding present for the couple's honeymoon and future travels. Both loved it. Beautiful and elegant detail. The groom says he wants to frame it so he won't ruin it.

This unisex carry-on luggage bag from one of Amazon's most popular brands comes in 12 different colors, making it the perfect honeymoon present.

Top review: I booked a lot of tickets with this suitcase as my carry-on. They measure/weigh most luggage when you check in, and the handle is comfortable. I'm curious to see how the white color lasts for two weeks and three countries.

The expense of owning a massive camera on a honeymoon is huge. Make a smartphone-connected printer available to future honeymooners. This will allow them to instantly print all of their favorite memories and they can edit them in an app beforehand to ensure the color is perfect.

Top review: I love this! It's so much better than getting an Iinstax camera because now, you can select the best version of a smartphone image.

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Kitchen tools and gadgets are an ever-popular gifting category for new couples, from pressure cookers and air fryers to drip coffee makers and storage sets. Forrest suggests giving a wedding shower present that the couple can use immediately following the wedding, such as some new coffee mugs to enhance their weekend wedding planning sessions.

This 9-in-1 pressure cooker is a must-have item for over 42,000 customers.

Top review: This product is my best friend and I would marry it and age gracefully with it if I could. Rice, black bundt cakes from boxed cake, instant pot milk corn on the cob (look up: Instant Pot Milk Corn on Cob, you will never eat it any other way again!!!) Ive made pierogies, lasagna, chicken noodle soup, and more in less than a month. The food tastes amazing.

This impressive gadget has 13 cooking modes and is dishwasher safe. Plus, with over 63,000 five-star ratings, you may want to keep this sweet wedding present for yourself.

Top review: I picked this particular air fryer out of hundreds offered on Amazon. I had the most amazing steaks that were so tender and moist inside! Since then, I have made Cornish hens, BBQ ribs, blueberry muffins, tater tots, and many other dishes. Do yourself a favor and purchase one!

With a coffee maker that instantly prepares cafe-level coffee, you can gift your newlyweds any number of Nespresso pods or accessories to make it even more special.

Top review: The best. Coffee. Ever. Easiest system and well-made machine. We just returned from Sicily and this Nespresso combo offers a better cappuccino every time. Also, the Vertuo lineup offers many awesome coffee styles, and the pods are recyclable. We love, love this. Our best purchase in years. Our Keurig machine and all of our pods are boxed up and gone.

With a top-rated set of air-tight containers, you can give the gift of kitchen organization for years to come. All of your newlyweds pantry essentials will be fresh and bug-free in the future.

Top Review: These storage containers are superb! They're sturdy and hold even more weight than they appear. The labels made my baking area look much more organized than it had ever gotten before. I'd definitely buy them again and recommend them to everyone.

Gifts for Bed & Bath

The classic bed or bath present for your favorite couple is undoubtedly irresistible. Forrest believes this category maintains a certain amount of popularity each year, with gifts like linen sheets and picture-perfect frames at the top of the list for tons of couples.

This minimalist stone diffuser is great for any room. Your favorite newlyweds may use it in the bedroom to set the mood or to relax with their favorite essential oil while taking a much-needed bath after a long wedding weekend.

Top review: This diffuser cost a bit more than others due to its design and quality, but it more than justified the price difference. Other diffusers I've seen are all plastic, and they are all cheaply made. The Vitruvi model is really stone, which adds value and charm to my entire house.

These extra-soft cooling bed sheets are a top seller for most popular bridal shower gifts. They have over 216,000 five-star ratings, so don't go wrong giving them as a present.

Excellent review: Absolutely the best sheets I've ever purchased in my entire life. You'll not be disappointed; I'll try to acquire another set just to have on hand. [I] love that they don't wrinkle, the quality is excellent, and I wash my sheets once a week without any problems with the material flaking out.

Utopia has got you covered. These high-absorbent cotton towels are available in 16 colors and cost under $30.

Top review: When I received these for Christmas, they felt rough and scratchy. I was a little disappointed, but I decided to give them a shot anyway. They came out the softest things I have ever ever felt! They are thick and puffy, don't leave small tufts of material all over you, and the color never faded.

With a top-rated robot vacuum, your newlyweds will save at least one household chore, including personalized cleaning recommendations, and is self-charging. It can also connect with Alexa to effortlessly clean floors.

Top review: This new model 692 is by far the best robot vacuum weve ever used. It has the most powerful suctioning, the longest lasting battery, and it goes smoothly over many floors. If you are like me and like help keeping up with the vacuuming, I highly recommend the iRobot Roomba 692 for being the finest robot vacuum Ive ever tried.

With a hotel-quality pillow customers rave about, newlyweds will help couples stay cool and sleep better as a present.

Top review: These pillows are fantastic. I've tried maternity pillows and everything you need to know about them. I bought four king size and I feel like I'm cuddling clouds only firmer. My husband usually sweats during his sleep. With these pillows, he no longer sweats.

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