Have you enjoyed the South African show Justice Served? Here are more such thrillers to watch

Have you enjoyed the South African show Justice Served? Here are more such thrillers to watch ...

Justice Served, a Netflix series, has made a splash and is drawing attention to other South African series that are available on the platform. The thrill, the suspense, and the changing of characters are all so amazing that we are eager to see more of this country!

Justice Served is a South African crime series that revolves around a man who is out to seek justice against the corrupt system and hijacks a courtroom while broadcasting live. Giving the people the power to choose whether the murderer is guilty or not, he creates turmoil in the country.

You can watchJustice ServedonNetflix.

Here are three South African thrillers you should see this weekend, without further ado!

Three South African thrillers similar to Justice Served

This is a show you should not miss as it will show you the real world and how different people live in this part of the world. From a common man to powerful individuals, the series will show you everyday difficulties in this region of the world.

Queen Sono is an adult orphan who finds her calling working for a spy agency dedicated to protecting the whole African continent. Once Queen discovers suspicious information about her late mother's assassination, she must uncover the truth about a growing terrorist plot that is threatening all of Africa.

Queen Sono is available on Netflix.

This series includes a fantastic cast, a brilliant narrative, and incredible cinematography. Everything about it is fantastic and will make you want to know what happens. It is a program you should not miss, but one that will take some time to complete.

The Savage Beauty plot involves a mysterious woman seeking vengeance for her untimely past, who embeds herself in a powerful family that has a global beauty empire and hidden secrets.

Savage Beauty is now available on Netflix.

This series will have you hooked like no other and will make it difficult for you to stop bingeing! As you laugh and cry with him through the various problems that he solves, you will be hooked!

Shadow revolves around an ex-cop with a rare inability to feel pain who ventures out on his own to catch criminals who have eluded Johannesburg police.

Shadow is available on Netflix.

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