Rebel Cheer Squad: A Netflix Get Even Series, Where Another Group Of High School Girls Flush Out The Bullies At Their School

Rebel Cheer Squad: A Netflix Get Even Series, Where Another Group Of High School Girls Flush Out The ...

Get Even, which first aired in 2020, was a refreshing British teenage series that involved a group of girls who gathered together to anonymously face off against the bullies at their prestigious school. Two years later, that group has moved on, and another one has to take their place. Who is better than a group of determined cheerleaders?


Opening Shot: A shot of a cheerleader lying unconscious on the ground. Three other cheerleaders look on, one saying This is all my fault.

The Gist: The original DGM group, which pelted out and tortured bullies of all stripes at Bannerman Independent School, has resigned, and the bullying has come back with vengeance.

A sign is shown during a cheer practice where a girl named May (Jessie Mae Alonzo) decides to quit, mainly because she is leaving school. Clara Harris (Lashay Anderson), the daughter of the cheer coach (Don Gilet), decides to put her phone in Mays backpack with the voice recording on to see if she can recover it. They listen to the recordings, but they're too jumbled to ask Rumi to clean them up.

Grace writes to the school president, Ms. Carson (Kirsty Hoiles) but she says it's too late. Most people applaud but cheer bully Viola (Kat Rooney) does not. There's also a disagreement between Clara and the coach's choice of Leila (Renee Bailey) for the top of a formation.

The group climbs to the roof of the school and wishes the DGM was still alive, especially after receiving an anonymous letter saying something will happen at the cheer presentation that night. When Leila, at the top of a formation, passes out and falls to the ground, the trio decides to form a new DGM and rid out the bully.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Given that this is a subtitled AGet EvenSeries, it's a stretch to say thatRebel Cheer Squad resembles its parent show.

Both Get Even and Rebel Cheer Squad are based on the Gretchen McNeils book series, so the choice of a new DGM was not born out of the blue by BBC executives (both series premiered on UK networks iPlayer before coming to Netflix). Their main theme is the same: A group of girls will anonymously pursue Bannermans bullies, whether they are students or faculty.

What are the main differences? These girls are already friends, and they are all on the cheer squad, whereas the original group gathered a diverse group that were not necessarily friends. And the new director is three girls instead of four. Will their goals be different? Sure. Itll be interesting to see how this group manages to stay sane despite the bullying at their school, but the show feels more like a continuation ofGet Even than something completely different.

None. Sex and skin

The girls discover a missing water bottle, and they notice a surveillance camera peering into their eyes, and a gloved hand places the recovered bottle in a storage cabinet deep within a tower.

Don Gilet plays Coach Harris, and he is the father of Clara and Leila, and he appears to be a decent guy rather than a rude faculty member.

Clara asks Leila if she will suck her face out with her boyfriend, and she swears shell gets a cold sore. Oh, yes! Leila asks. Read a book! Wed like to see that book on face sucking ailments.

Our Call: STREAM IT. We recommend The Rebel Cheer Squad: A Get Even Series because it's a wonderful series with a good young cast. However, it doesnt feel very different from the originalGet Evenseries, leaving us to wonder if it was ever necessary.

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