Apple intends to display advertising directly on the App Stores today

Apple intends to display advertising directly on the App Stores today ...

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Apple will display advertisements on the Today tab and on specific app pages in the App Store, according to MacRumors, 9to5Mac, and AppleInsider. The two new ad placements will complement the ones you already see in the search tab and search results on the App Store.

Today tabs will have the same larger card format as the tabs' other advertising, but theres a small blue box with the word Ad next to the app's name. As part of the You Might Also Like banner, which promotes similar apps, advertisements will be displayed on individual app pages, as in App Store search results, to distinguish them from other suggestions.

Apple announced that it would add ad space in the App Store, but only via three relevant Apple-only news sites at a random embargo time on a Friday (11:11 AM) as a result of the economy.

Apple stated that Apple Search Ads offers an opportunity for developers of all sizes to build their businesses. Like our other advertising offerings, the new advertisements will only include content from App Store product pages, and they will be subject to the same strict privacy regulations as our existing ones.

In 2016, Apple began showing adverts in App Store search results, and in September, asked users to authorize Personalized Ads. The new advertising underscores that Apple is considering expanding its services business.

You worked hard to establish a brand. Apple demanded 30% of your income as the only way to reach iOS users. How does Apple reward you?

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