5 Times Woo Young-woo Won Our Hearts With Her Charm and Innocence Attorney Woo: 5 Times Woo Young-woo Won Our Hearts With Her Charm and Innocence

5 Times Woo Young-woo Won Our Hearts With Her Charm and Innocence Attorney Woo: 5 Times Woo Young-wo ...

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is currently among the top ongoing Kdramas and is loved by viewers everywhere. Starring Park Eun-bin as Woo Young-woo, Kang Tae-oh, and Kang Ki-young, the tvN drama is breaking records with its ratings, particularly because viewers are raving about Park Eun-bin's performance as a brilliant lawyer on the autism spectrum.

The Kdrama is only increasing in popularity as the series slowly draws to a close with only six episodes left to go. Fans are drawn into the show by the different themes covered each week and how our innocent attorney is establishing herself in this world.

But what has truly enraged Lee Jun-ho (Kang Tae-oh) and truly enthralled us are those moments that elevated Park Eun-bin's specialness in this particular individual. So weve gathered together all of those moments!

In an extraordinary attorney woo, Woo Young-woo won our hearts 5 times.

Lee Jun-ho was not the only one who got whipped for this beautiful lady in episode 2, as Woo Young-woo put on a bridal gown. Park Eun-bin's innocence and the smile she gives Lee Jun-ho later made us all fall in love with her.

Bride Woo Young-woo spit arrows into our hearts, and there was no other option but to rescue us after this.

Every moment of Woo Young-woo in the courtroom as she stands for justice is enticing. These scenes reveal a self-assured lawyer who is more than her autism and will fight for what is right. This is the place where she fights and the place where she learns the lessons of life.

Attorney Woo is the true charm of this program, and there is no denying it.

Dong to the Geu to the Rami and Woo to the Young to the Woo are becoming the talk of the town every time the two meet, and we are ecstatic when they say goodbye. Have you noticed the dependability and ease Woo Young-woo feels around Dong Geurami? She shows a side that no one knows and these moments are precious.

Every moment that she has put into the relationship is so touching. A guy being a gentleman is enough to wreak havoc on a girl's heart, but when Woo Young-woo does it, it steals the hearts of every viewer. From confessing her love to kissing Lee Jun-ho, every moment that she has spent in the relationship is so sweet.

This Woo Young-woo has taken away our hearts with her gestures and the smile we all love, from being nice to stepping out of her comfort zone.

Woo Young-woo exuded incredible charm after confronting her birth mother at the age of 13. She understands that her father has had a tough time raising her till now, but she is still someone who will not abandon him.

This isn't the only time when this daughter stole our hearts. Every time she talks about her father's life and accepts it, it's a challenge for us but also beautiful. She's more open-minded than most people and wishes for a happy life for her father. These little moments have slowly crept into our hearts, making Woo Young-woo one of our favourite characters.

In the comments below, tell us your favorite Woo Young-woo moments that made you fall for her!

OnNetflix, Extraordinary Attorney Woois is now streaming.

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