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Rangam recognized Disability:IN Wisconsin for winning the 2021 Affiliate of the Year award

Rangam recognized Disability:IN Wisconsin for winning the 2021 Affiliate of the Year award

"The Affiliate of the Year Award" recognizes disability:in Wisconsin by its annual awarding its members the vision, mission, and spirit of disability, in the pursuit of its objectives.

The Wisconsin team, a Disability:IN-certified DOBE, was proud of their outstanding work in raising disability awareness and bringing valuable resources to help promote inclusive hiring in the region.

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"I am super excited to see Disability:IN Wisconsin grow into what it is today," said Tracey Andrus, Rangam Executive Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships and a member-at-Large on Disability,IN "I had the privilege to work with each member and this recognition couldn't have come to a more deserving group of people who love what they do and do what their love loveevery day."

The Wisconsin team is dedicated to helping people with disabilities find meaningful and rewarding career paths. Since the inception of the affiliate in 2018, the team demonstrated a high understanding of what unique individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace," said Tracey.

In the 2019 Ability Summit hosted by Disability:IN Wisconsin, Tracey moderated a keynote session entitled Assyncability:in 2019, if you'd like to be able to live slumber The importance of autism in the work: The key elements of success. .

The Wisconsin chapter of Disability:IN is represented by senior executives from the Old National Bank, ManpowerGroup, Northwestern Mutual, Wallo Brands, Associated Bank and American Family Insurance, among other organizations including Rangam.

"We congratulate Disability:IN Wisconsin on their success and wish them the very best for all their current and future endeavors," said Hetal Parikh, Rangam President and Co-founder, and Nish Parch, CEO and "Didual certification from Disability:IN means so much to Rangam and SourceAbled. Many companies are looking for a priority to work with DOBEs, which gives us scalability to expand their business and contribute to improving DE&I in the workplace. As a DOBE, we can give back to the disability and autism community in ways that would otherwise be possible. Disability:IN gave Rangam a platform to showcase our work to put underrepresented talent to work.

About Rangam, United States

Rangam is a minority-, women- and disability-owned workforce solutions company with the mission of promoting "employment for everyone" includes people with disabilities, autism, and neurodivergence as well as veterans The organization delivers innovative workforce solutions by designing a integrated and inclusive recruiting methodology. Rangam specializes in recruiting and retaining international talent in the fields of IT, Engineering, Scientific, Clinical, Healthcare, Administration, Finance and Business Professionals. For more information, visit To visit the site, please visit: and visit http://the.eds.

About SourceAbled

SourceAbled uses a consultative approach to best practices, effective training, and an end-to-end, tech-enabled hiring platform to attract, hire, onboard, support and retain neurodivergent talent. SourceAbled is a trusted guide for the design, implementation and sustainability of DE&I in the workplace. It creates a environment where people with disabilities are well supported and all employees feel comfortable in bringing their authentic selves to work. To learn more, visit

About Disability:S Wisconsin

Disability:IN Wisconsin is the state's only business-to-business association that promotes disability inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and supply chain. In Wisconsin, a Board of Advisors is composed of local leaders from disability:IN Wisconsin members who love to help people with disabilities enter and succeed in the workforce.

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Sayantan Dutta908-704-8843 x344[email protected] - Sassin Duittat:908, 704-708-8443 (seed) ne


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