Kim Se-jeong Aces Her New Job on Todays Webtoon Episode 2 Recap and Review

Kim Se-jeong Aces Her New Job on Todays Webtoon Episode 2 Recap and Review ...

Todays Webtoon is a 2022 Korean Coming-of-age Drama based on a Japanese manga namedJuhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda. The series has three leading roles: Kim Se-jeong, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon-su. The second episode of Todays Webtoon has a duration of 65 minutes.

Spoilers are included in today's Webtoon Episode 2 recap.

Jang Man-chul and his crew are concerned about the reason why Artist Baek has refused to return all of his manuscripts. Seok Ji-hyung goes out to meet the artist and Ma-eum follows him. Ji-hyung tells her to take it easy because they dont know the true reason yet. They wait outside Artist Baeks house for two days but they still have no choice but to wait for him to return. Man-chul's boss is willing to see him fall and provokes him.

Ma-eum is optimistic and believes the artist will return after reading the Baeks break announcement. Jun-yeong is already tired and his team leader is expected to take on all of his tasks, and he hears from his colleagues from other departments that the Webtoon team will be dissolved after a year. This makes him more pessimistic about his job.

Ma-eum realizes that Baeks' other art style of drawing was noticeable, and he sent him screenshots of all the hate messages on his webtoon, telling him to give him up. While Ma-eum and Ji-hyung visit Baek, his previous assistants continue to teach him digital drawing.

Man-chul arranges an office meeting to celebrate the return of Baek to the ship, and Ma-eum impresses everyone with her drinking ability. However, Jun-yeong is not a drinker and takes a soda but accidentally picks up the wrong glass and drinks a sip of beer. He passes out right away and Ma-eum brings him back to his home because no one knows his address. Ma-eum apologizes to him later at a fan sign event of an artist.

The second episode of Todays Webtoon is coming to an end.

Ma-eum and Jun-yeong return to work after the fan signing event. Jun-yeong asks Ma-eum why she is so enthusiastic about the job because he is doing his best but still doesn't believe it's enough. Ma-eum tells him to wait and find his moment but he is not convinced. The next day at the office, his boss teases him for unclogging the toilet and the word spreads among his friends group. Jun-yeong is frustrated and ready

Jun-gyeong gives Ma-eum an earful instead of an earful and declares that the company has given her a phony promise that she will never be a permanent employee again because the corporation will no longer exist. He assures her that they are only using her to throw away after a year, so she should find a job she can live on.

Todays Webtoon Episode 2 Review

Ma-eums character is depicted in today's WebtoonEpisode 2 as an optimistic and enthusiastic person, but she claims herself to be a simple person. She does not have many expectations from life or great ambitions. She lives in the present without worrying about tomorrow.

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In Today's Webtoon Episode 2, Kim Se-jeong brings back Artist Baek onboard again.

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