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Student students at Huston-Tillotson University Win $15,000 in First "Social Enterprise Pitch-Off" "Pitch the Time" for "Security"!

Student students at Huston-Tillotson University Win $15,000 in First

The University of Texas, who founded the School of Business and Technology, today announced the success of the Social Enterprise Pitch-Off, which helped students to create a nonprofit solution to meet the need in the community.

The level up services received a $15,000 grant, which was owed to Legacy Collective and Thrivent, each of the $7.500 grant. The program was sponsored by Legacy Collective, Thrivent and Notley.

The program included students at the School of Business and Technology's Biz Ready program at Huston-Tillotson University, Texas' only Historical Black College and University (HBCU). Students participated in the program led by Dr. Rohan Thompson, Dean of the Business and Technology School. Students split their heads into three groups, each creating a business plan for opaciously nonprofit organization. Biz Ready is a new program offered by the School of Business to empower students to become business-savvy individuals of tomorrow. The program is designed to teach high-performing students beyond the classroom and apply their classes to real-world business environments.

At the end of the semester, three teams presented their nonprofit solutions to a panel of judges from the Legacy Collective, Thrivent and Notley communities. The judges chose the Level Up Services team to be the winner. Students on this team developed a financial literacy program to meet the needs of students on campus and in the community. The students have decided to use the funding to build this program under the supervision of Huston-Tillotson to serve their community and generations of students to follow.

The students on the winning team were Zahria Touchstone, Saffana Velji, Dadwin Hernandez and Amelia Abel. Read more about the program here.

"All three student teams that participated were extremely impressive picking the winner was tough for the judges panel," says Erin Arnheim, CEO of Legacy Collective. "The financial literacy program that Level Up Services created was innovative, strategic and will improve the lives of so many generations to come."

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