Asus and MSI have begun offering desktop computers with Intel Arc A380 and A310GPUs

Asus and MSI have begun offering desktop computers with Intel Arc A380 and A310GPUs ...

Asus has added the ability to run several desktop systems on the Arc Alchemist A380 GPU, which it calls "esports competition" capable, which it only superficially is, and places the A380 above the Nvidia RTX 3080 and other GPUs in its infographics.

The second system is the business-focused ExpertCenter D7 Tower, which Asus describes as a video editing and rendering processor due to its apparently hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding capabilities. But who knows, the A380 may set new records with its encoding abilities.

Because Asus does not have any renders with an Arc GPU inside, the Asus ROG Strix GT15 G15 has an Nvidia GPU.

According to what we've learned about it, the A380 is an entry-level GPU through and through. It's got a decent 6 GB of GDDR6, but little power under the hood. It's predicted to cost between $130 and $150 when it arrives in the United States.

According to an experienced leaker, MSI's system may be configured with an Arc Alchemist A310, which is rated to have 4 GB of GDDR6 and costs roughly $100, as well as the similarly powerful GTX 1650 and GT 1030 (DDR4).

Intel is getting started distributing its GPUs to system integrators, or at least some versions. Intel hasn't shied away from mentioning its first Arc GPUs, and their release is expected to happen shortly, although there's still no official date on it.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger admitted last week that the company tried and failed to quickly convert the integrated GPU drivers it had into discrete GPU drivers, causing delays. Still, launching a bugged and unfinished product is preferable.

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