Ted Cruz is destroyed by Jon Stewart for lying about the Veterans Bill

Ted Cruz is destroyed by Jon Stewart for lying about the Veterans Bill ...

Jon Stewart has become a prominent advocate for United Statesstroops who served overseas. Stewart has been fighting tooth and nailto improve health care benefits for US military veterans. Now, the war of words between Jon and Republican Senator Ted Cruz over veterans' healthcare is on the rise.

Senator Ted first admitted to TMZ that Jon is wrong. He stated that he supports veterans, but he was not willing to support the measure that went down in flames. He claimed that the Democrats were guilty of a cheap trick that would cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

The outlet first met Senator Ted at Reagan National Airport and was asked about the GOP's opposition to the PACT Act, a measure designed to protect veterans who were exposed to burn pits and other harmful substances during their service. Cruz said he actually supports the measure, despite voting against it because he believes the Democrats were using it as a funnel for spending huge sums over the next ten years.

Cruz thinks the measure will open the way for Democrats to spend another $400 billion on veterans' programs, although that isn't the way Democrats and veteran organizations see it. Jon Stewart scolded politicians for making no sense in his reply to Cruz's interview.

Now, im not a big-city Harvard-educated lawyer, but I can read. It's always been imposed expenditure, so the government may just cancel out their funding at any point. No trick, no gimmick, been there the entire time.

Stewart remarked, this is a bullsh*t while criticizing Cruz for voting for the measure in June before joining a large bloc of Republicans who voted against it, despite the fact that the text of the bill remained the same.

Cruz praised to the heavens our nations fighting men and women, and a video of him fist-bumping his Senate colleagues after removing those same veterans benefits and healthcare for toxic wounds.

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