Johnny Depp has just made $3.6 million in a matter of hours

Johnny Depp has just made $3.6 million in a matter of hours ...

Johnny Depp's former wife Amber Heard has just begun a restoration in Hollywood, reportedly for the first time in several years. The Friends And Heroes collection includes four paintings by the late Frank Sinatra, who he calls the "fantastic."

Johnny Depp's status as an formerly unemployed (according to his charges in court) actor has not only begun his rehab in Hollywood, but has taken on new acting roles for the first time in several years. It also turns out that public opinion has improved so much that Johnny Depp can make around $3.6 million in just a few hours by selling his artwork.

Johnny Depp's first exhibition of artwork at Castle Fine Arts galleries in London's Covent Garden was sold in just a few hours, according to the BBC; the group of four painting prints is described as a collaboration of pop and street arts.

Johnny Depp's paintings may be seen below.

Johnny Depp is well-known for his musical work, including performances by Oasis, Marilyn Manson, and Shane MacGowan, as members of Guns N Roses and Stone Temple Pilots on tour.

Johnny Depp has recently entered the video game industry through his performances. The game is a game about a blind shopkeeper character, which he believes is appropriate for the once and perhaps future star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Johnny Depp's very public and very ongoing legal battles with Amber Heard, his estranged former spouse, have continued to file various legal claims against each other, which have no signs of slowing.

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