Nelly Furtado Gets A Surprise Performance In Toronto With Drake & Fans Go Wild: Watch

Nelly Furtado Gets A Surprise Performance In Toronto With Drake & Fans Go Wild: Watch ...

Thanks to Drake and Nelly Furtado, Canada was just unites coast-to-coast. On Friday, July 29, the Toronto-born rapper brought him out for a surprise appearance at his hometown OVO Fest. Because that's the only way that you can get this next person out of the house to do what they're going to do right now, he explained.

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Drake then said, "It doesn't matter how long you sang tonight, but right now you need to sing as loud as you can." This next persons music has changed my life so much and I love her so much, so when she comes out here, you better show her some love.

Promiscuous, Nelly's 2006 hit from Timbaland, was on the speaker. The crowd screamed theLoosesingle's lyrics right along with her. She then performed her breakout 2000 song Im Like A Bird, with Champagne Papi (Drakes' IG name) crooning right along.

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Im like a bird, I only fly away/I dont know where my soul is/It is my home, according to Drake, who has several homes in both Toronto and Los Angeles.

Keshia Chante, Shawn Desman, Jully Black, and Kardinal Offishall all hit the stakes with the views from The 6rapper.

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Nellys appearance on stage was of special significance as she hasn't performed live since 2017, when she released her album The Ride. She had previously stated that she stepped out of the spotlight due to a mental breakdown on stage with her daughter, Nevis Guhania, now 18.

In 2017, she revealed that she had a nervous breakdown on stage. I was on the Loose tour [back in 2007] and my daughter was with me. I was soreI went on stage one night and realized how overwhelmed I was. I cried my way through the first two songs. I took a break from music and went home. And I realized that being at home and having the whole family experience was what I was seeking.

For the then young star, fame was too much, too soon.Id spend hours alone in my Los Angeles house, just staring at the floor. I felt like a fraud, believing that people liked me for my image and not my music, as she also said at the time.

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