Leos are loyal, but that doesn't make them compatible with everyone

Leos are loyal, but that doesn't make them compatible with everyone ...

Leos is always the center of attention and the party's spirit, and they are extremely easy to spot from a mile away. After all, they are ruled by the sun. They are always open to criticism and open to offering their opinions. If you meet them in person, they'll be happy to offer your opinion.

If you can match their energy, your friendship with Leo will last. They are naturally self-assured and ambitious zodiac signs, which can make them seem self-absorbed or arrogant. They are also reluctant and inflexible when it comes to changing if things go wrong.

Here's how Leo compatibility works with every zodiac sign:

Compatibility Between Aries and Leo

These two signs have a lot in common, making them fast friends and a match made in heaven. Because of this, Aries is the fire sign that likes to initiate new endeavors and initiatives, while Leo individuals are excellent at maintaining their vitality, something Aries can sometimes struggle with.

Compatibility Between Taurus and Leo

Taurus and Leo have a need for stability and security in common, but in different ways. Both are fire signs seeking validation and acceptance. At their best, Taurus is able to push Taurus out of their shell somewhat. At their worst, they may be far too retaliated for meetings.

Compatibility Between Gemini and Leo

Because of their compatible elements, Gemini and Leos will naturally gravitate towards one another. Gemini is much more adaptive and flexible at times, while Leo tends to be extremely stubborn and set in their ways. This may result in disagreements in the friendship.

Compatibility Between Cancer and Leo

Cancer and Leo are very different, but they both have one main thing in common: they are ruled by the stars. They both tend to be the focal point of attention, but in very different ways: Cancer may see Leo as selfish, while Leo may perceive Cancer as a boss. This is an interesting combination that may not last long.

Compatibility Between Leo and Leo

Because these two zodiac signs have a tendency to be a little pushy, an instant friendship may not work out. They may need someone who isn't as needy as they are in order to satisfy the other person's needs.

Compatibility Between Virgo and Leo

Due of their striking differences, both signs may rarely see eye to eye, making maintaining a friendship difficult. If Virgo can accept Leos tactic of assisting, they may stand a chance.

Compatibility of Libra and Leo

Because Libra is a Venus-ruled air sign, and Leo is a sun-ruled fire sign, this friendship is strong. This could also be the main drawback for Libras, who are extremely social and creative people.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo have a lot in common. They both desire emotional security and stability in life, but for very different reasons. Due to their differences, Scorpio may perceive Leo as conceited or self-absorbed, while Leo may struggle to understand Scorpios intentions.

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Leo

The bond between Sagittarius and Leo is extremely strong, since both are fire signs. However, they do have some major differences. Sagittarius individuals are more averse to going beyond their comfort zone, while Leos are more averse to going beyond their comfort zone.

Compatibility of Capricorn and Leo

Capricorn and Leo may be quite different, but they do have some pretty significant things in common. Capricorns are likely to always give you some hard love, which may not always go over well with Leo. They also need a lot of external support and encouragement, which is something Capricorn may grow to appreciate.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Leo

Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites on the zodiacal wheel, but more often than not, they attract. Aquarians are incredibly adamant about being out in the open, while Leos are a bit more afraid of being out in the open. Theyre both fixed signs, and fire and air naturally compliment each other.

Compatibility Between Pisces and Leo

Because water and fire are two different things, Pisces and Leo may not always feel like they can relate to each other, making this relationship a bit difficult. This is because they are both mutable, so they may not always be the most effective. However, Pisces may prefer to stick to a strong spiritual connection.

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