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New Ex Libris Esploro Research Portal Showcases Scholarship and Helps Users find Experts

New Ex Libris Esploro Research Portal Showcases Scholarship and Helps Users find Experts

A new research portal for Ex Libris EsploroTM is being launched on Sept. 15, 2021. With Esploro, institutions can deploy a fully branded portal that allows researchers, funders, industry stakeholders and the public to access publications, explore researchers' work, and find research expertise. Esploro customers use the new portal since September 2021.

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The Esploro-enabled research portal draws on the comprehensive data collected in the Esphyria research database, which includes a broad range of scholarly information, such as publications, data sets, creative works, projects The portal allows users to search for publications and researchers with relevant expertise; navigate between researcher profiles; and view the work, affiliations, achievements and awarded grants.

Universities can customize the portal to show their brand and make it accessible from the website. Developed according to SEO guidelines, the portal framework allows search engines and Google Scholar to complete the indexing process.

"Southern Cross University Library partners with our researchers to showcase and enhance the discoveryability of research undertaken at the university. Esploro brings all the research's work together, from diverse sources, and presents them in an compelling way to demonstrate engagement and impact."

"We're pleased to see the new research portal available to all institutions," said Nadav Doron, vice-president of Ex Libris research solutions. "Today we are delighted to have the actual possibility of the The portal is an axe to increasing the discoverability of institutional research expertise, facilitating collaboration and enhancing funding."

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