Recap and Review of Alchemy of Souls Episode 13: An Escape, Some Fishing, and A Memorial Service

Recap and Review of Alchemy of Souls Episode 13: An Escape, Some Fishing, and A Memorial Service ...

Alchemy of Souls() is a Korean fantasy drama set in Daeho's imaginary world, which was first broadcast on June 18, 2022. The program will have 20 episodes and takes over the tvNs Saturday-Sunday 9 PM KST time slot previously used byOur Blues. The episode of Alchemy of Souls has a runtime of 73 minutes.

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The Alchemy of Souls Episode 13 recap contains spoilers.

Heo Yeom is attempting to bring the soul shifters' body to life while Seo Yul asks about it to Park Jin. However, he learns that this is only temporary and is being done to obtain some answers. Seo Yul is not willing to give up and brings up the ice stone which Park Jin agrees can prevent soul shifters from going wild, but it is a power that should not exist.

Jin Mu examines the energy from the soul ejector that is flowing out of a cauldron and assures his subordinate that this energy will return to the sky so there is no need to worry about it. Suddenly, he remembers Jin Bu-yeon and wonders if she had attempted to smash the ice stone when the incident occurred.

Jang Uk notices the cloudy sky and moves away from Mu-deok, telling her that she is fine because she didn't try to absorb his energy. Mu-deok also looks at the ceiling and tells him that the windows are not open. She then notices her hand that is in the water and concludes that her powers seem to return every time there is water.

The lighting strikes the constellation basin and releases some dark energy particles that blinded Mu-deok, much like when she entered the Mirror of Longing. However, they do not have time to think about it since Jin Mu would be on his way to check on the lighting strike.

Jin Mu is on his way and soon discovers the room empty with the body of the soul shifter left near the constellation basin. He quickly gives the order to find and murder Jang Uk and his maid and goes on to look for him.

The crown prince has managed to locate Jang Uk but cannot eliminate him when the latter informs him about the yin-and-yang jade he has hidden in the soul shifters' body. However, he is too late as the crown prince has already met him and explained everything.

Master Lee asks Kim Do-ju about Naksus' father and learns that Jang Kang had left the house in search of the little girl. He then asks Mu-deok's whereabouts.

Park Jin has returned to Cheonbugwan and finds the events unbelievable. Jin Mu rejects all accusations, when the later asks which eunuch it was that turned into a soul shifter. The crown prince then orders to check if that eunuch is still in the palace but stops when the queen herself comes to Cheonbugwan. They tell her about the eunuch but she laughs and says he is with her.

The eunuch enters and we learn that the queen resurrected him with the ice stone. Jang Uk realizes that the ice stone must be with them and tells everyone that he lied. Everyone rebukes him and Park Jin assures them that Songrim will restore the constellation basin. Jin Mu tries to hold Jang Uk back in Cheonbugwan with the excuse of punishing him but Mu-deok aides him.

Jang Uk tells Park Jin that he did not lie and that Cheonbugwan must have the ice stone. Park Jin believes him. Elsewhere, the queen and Jin Mu ask the eunuch whether there was a powerful mage there but he replies no. The eunuch then attempts to flee with the ice stone inside him but is stopped by the queen who takes the ice stone back.

Jang Uk tells Mu-deok that they should go to Danhyanggok, but Mu-deok refuses the suggestion, claiming that they may be stuck there if it snows, and they may die.

Park Jin tells Park Dang-gu and Seo Yul to go with the workers he will be sending to Cheonbugwan and keep an eye on Jin Mu. Later, Seo Yul follows Sang Ho and inquires about Jang Uk's reaction to the incident. He is certain that Jang Uk is attempting to get his hands on the Mu-deok ice stone.

Mu-deok warns Jang Uk that they should never go to Danhyanggok alone because she is afraid she would eat his energy. She assures Jang Uk that he will give her the ice stone even if he has to fight Jin Mu so that she will never have to worry again.

Mu-deok then asks him why he was able to invoke the crown prince with the jade, but he is hesitant to answer this question. Upon returning home, he meets master Lee with Kim Do-ju, who ask him why he was not at Songrim. He lies to Kim Do-ju saying that it was a vacation but reveals to master Lee that he was on probation because he destroyed the constellation basin.

Jang Uk tells Mu-deok that he was planning on teaching Jang Uk to fish a Golden Fish, which intrigues her. The next day they fish but Jang Uk finds it silly, but Mu-deok tells him that this is his chance to master Chisu.

Park Jin goes to Jinyowon to get a relic to locate soul shifters, but Jin Ho-kyung refuses his request indicating that she is siding with Jin Mu. Elsewhere, Jin Mu makies sure that So Yi has every scare and mole Jin Bu-yeon had so that nothing goes wrong when they take her to Jinyowon. In Jang's home, Kim Do-ju is planning a memorial service for Naksu and her father, which makes Mu

Ending of Alchemy of Soul Episode 13

Jang Uk is unable to catch a Golden Fish at the lake but master Lee tells him to be patient. This shocks master Lee until Jang Uk brings Kim Do-ju into the conversation. Elsewhere, Mu-deok is mourning her father when Seo Yul sees her and feels guilty.

Jang Uk informs Mu-deok that he will be returning to Songrim the following day.

The next day is Jang Uk's final duel when the crown prince announces that the winner of the duel will not receive the gold toad but Mu-deok as their maidservant. What surprises Jang Uk even more is when Seo Yul steps up as his last contender, leaving everyone speechless.

Review of Alchemy of Souls Episode 13

Jin Mu is attempting to make connections between Mu-deok and Jin Bu-yeon, though we cant. I guess the only reason he cannot complete the connection is because Mu-deok is not blind. However, I am confident that he will discover something soon.

Naksu is able to properly mourn for her father, and perhaps this is why master Lee pointed the way to Kim Do-ju.

Lets now talk about Jang Uk and how this guy is a real genius. He is able to deal with stressful situations, train faster than anyone and is able to comprehend the person in front of him. He certainly captured something from master Lees' expression when he asked him if he was being kind to his family but chose to divert the discussion.

I want to cry seeing him feel so guilty about the past and his inability of offering the woman he loves a shoulder to cry on. But taking part in this duel is a way of giving himself a second chance at making things right. We all know how things will end.

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Alchemy of Souls episode 13 will take you through Jang Uk and Mu-deok's escape from Jin Mu and a surprise waiting for Jang Uk at his last duel. Read on.

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