Recap and Review of Big Mouth Episode 2: Back From the Dead

Recap and Review of Big Mouth Episode 2: Back From the Dead ...

Big Mouth() is a Korean crime-thriller-mystery television series directed by Oh Choong-hwan. The cast includes Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, Kim Joo-hun, and Yang Kyung-won, who were previously working on the MBCs Friday-Saturday 10 PM KST time slot.

Big Mouthepisode 2 has a runtime of 73 minutes.

The Disney+ series is described as follows:


Themes of Self Harm and Violence in Big Mouth Episode 2 Recap

Chang-ho is being transported to the emergency room after the horrible accident in the previous episode. However, it is nice to hear that Mi-ho has always been by his side throughout the journey. As he wakes up in the hospital, his concerned wife is the same. He asks him whether he is okay.

A masked man takes Chang-hos phone and the pendrive and gets rid of the car. Back at the hospital, Chang-ho is cuffed and taken away the moment he gets up on his own two feet after discovering drugs in his blood test results. At the prison, realizing who drugged him and why, he asks to meet Do-ha and tells the mayor how he got there.

Chang-ho promises to complete everything if he helps him get out, but Do-ha isnt in the mood for negotiations anymore, which keeps him in prison, claiming that it would be easier to talk to Ji-hoon.

The Regional Investigation Unit takes a look at Gi-gwangs' offices, discovering tons of cash and gold inside, much to Gi-gwangs' surprise and agony. Chang-ho is taken to Gucheon Penitentiary, where he admits that it is not a safe haven.

Ji-hoon enters a cold war with Do-has wife Joo-hee, which gets interrupted when news emerges that Chang-ho is Big Mouse. It takes Do-ha by surprise, and even Ji-hoon looks like he's also pretty clueless about it.

Chang-ho is cruelly tortured and eventually hung by the guard. Ji-hoon informs the guard of the new development, which sparks everyone to action. He is eventually revived, and everyone is stunned by his resolve to remain alive.

A now somewhat better Chang-ho is summoned for questioning, where he answers in the most debt-driven, everyday manner to all the questions that the prosecution ask him. As he is asked whether he is Big Mouse, Mayor Do-ha stands outside the interrogation room, listening intently to all of his answers.

Chang-ho is greeted with love and attention by his fellow cellmates after he returns to the prison. Ji-hoon tells the three musketeers to do nothing until he can declare whether or not he is Big Mouse.

As Do-ha and Joong-lak discuss what they should do with the new discovery and the possibility and outcome of Chang-ho becoming Big Mouse, Mi-ho, Gi-gwang, and Soon-tae go over the case to figure out how Chang-ho got into the accident and who might be framing him. Meanwhile, the whole prison is abuzz with discussion about Big Mouse and heated predictions about his real identity. Chang-ho gets beaten again during lunch, and you can see the growing frustration

Park Yoon-gab, while laughing at the commotion, meets Chang-ho at the special cell and, after feeding him some gourmet fare, asks him if he is really Big Mouse. The possibility of him being the famous criminal makes the warden all sweet and nice but when Chang-ho promises that it isn't the case, Yoon-gab sends him to solitary for calling him by his name.

Mi-ho is transferred to Gucheon University Hospital, while Chang-ho requests Soon-tae to file divorce papers on his behalf so that loan sharks will not harass his wife if he gets the death sentence. In the process, Chang-ho takes a drastic step in a situation that feels unwinnable.

Ending of the second season of Big Mouth

Unfortunately for him, suicide does not appear to be a viable possibility. He tries to instigate Yang Chun-sik to get him to do the dirty deed. In another twist of fate, one punch drops the violent and feared gang leader on the ground. Next, he attempts to instigate a death row convict to kidnap him, but that too fails to work out as planned, with the guy falling to the ground and crying for his mother after only a few hits.

Chang-ho next tries to escape from prison in order to be shot and killed. This time, the guard orders him to be killed while keeping a close eye on him using the CCTVs. He stands in the middle of the playground, yelling at the guards to shoot him. His destiny remains hazy as the episode draws to a close.

Review of Big Mouth Episode 2

I cant help but think of who Big Mouse is, and although I dont believe it is Chang-ho, I do believe that it's someone he already knows. Moreover, our protagonist is going through some difficulties in his life, and it's only a matter of time before he will be able to find himself in jail.

Lee Jong-suk is absolutely outstanding as the lawyer who seems to be morphing into something that he isn't aware of, or maybe something that he's always wanted to be? The scenes where he cry in the episode are heartbreaking to watch, especially in comparison to his jolly nature in the first episode.

Moreover, Big Mouse episode 2 is peppered with flashbacks of Chang-hos' relationship with Mi-ho, which serves as a sort of in between the rather bleak story. Prison is tough, but good god Chang-ho has it worse.

Or the other way around, this is a bleak situation, and I wish to see some positive changes in Chang-hos' life. Otherwise, our sweet protagonist facing such harsh conditions appears unfair and difficult to watch!

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Big Mouth episode 2 is gripping and with so many moving cogs and a sweet protagonist to keep safe, it's an engaging watch.

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