Justice Served (2022) Ending Explained: Is Azania Captured? Will Netflix relaunch the show?

Justice Served (2022) Ending Explained: Is Azania Captured? Will Netflix relaunch the show? ...

Justice Served is a South African crime series from Netflix that will have you trapped in a captivity situation that seems more real than ever. Along with other cast members, the series premiered on July 29, 2022.

The plot revolves around a guy who wants to face down the corrupt system and hijacks a courtroom while broadcasting live. Giving the people the power to choose whether or not the perpetrator is guilty, he creates chaos around the country.

The Netflix synopsis is this:


The Ending of Justice Served (2022) is Explained

The last episode of the program was definitely explosive and twisting, revealing things about the past as well as the results of an online poll. With Azania Maqoma at the center of the season finale, we see a massive shift in this character as he evolves from a hero to a villain.

He manipulates the Numoor to emerge from the shadow after remembering Azania's best friend's betrayal. This is because he believes in the people of the country and wants to believe that what he stands for is correct. All he gets is a betrayal by a fellow journalist who helps a journalist to speak up.

The people of the country have decided the outcome of the trial, which was slowly falling for Azanias manipulative tactics.

As he accepts the ways of his former friend who has departed for power, Azania removes the last strand of hope that he has for the indigenous people. The result also marks for a significant shift in the show and a shift in Azania's personality. As he assures the people that he will leave peacefully.

Azania is placed in special custody by his friend while his group escapes as ordinary people, while the military vehicle is filled with citizens alongside Allan Harvey and the brother of the murdered.

Abel blasts Azania for giving him a chance to invoke a state of emergency, but the latter laughs it off and continues to reveal a bigger plan that he has been working on for months as Azania takes over his reins.

Azania again appears on television as he blows up the structure behind him and declares a new age for those who rejected his democratic offer.

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Azania showed us a heroic character who isn't nice but is charming and manipulative because he is able to prove that what he stands for is correct. However, as the program progresses, we learn that this hero is not what we expected and is becoming a villain at the end.

Brigadier Mampho, on the other hand, is a dedicated police officer who refuses to give up even when injustice is hurled at her. However, once a mother loses her daughter to this very system, she is not one to remain still. She is prepared to wreak havoc everywhere.

The program is only the start of something even larger, and it will reveal the true nature of the so-called just society.

Will there be a Season?

We can safely say that the finale of Justice Served represents the beginning of more chaos and bloodshed. There are too many things to reveal that could potentially last another season.

What will Azania do next, and how many more innocents will be killed? Who are the Paladins, and how powerful are they? Who committed the killing of Mamphos' husband, and what was the evidence?

Because this program is not one to miss, the list will continue, and we are certain that they will be answered. We are looking forward to another season of chaos and manipulation.

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