Is Belinda Proven Innocent at the Entitled Ending? Will She End Up With the Attorney?

Is Belinda Proven Innocent at the Entitled Ending? Will She End Up With the Attorney? ...

The Entitled, Netflix's most recent film, is directed by Theodore Boborol and directed by Noreen Capili. Alex Gonzaga plays Belinda in the film. Other cast members include Johnny Revilla, Ara Mina, JC de Vera, Melai Cantiveros, and others.

Belinda, a poor girl, discovers her rich and powerful businessman father and begins a life of adjustment with them. Although she is aided by the housemaid, Nanny Mo, and the attorney named Jacob, the help she receives may not be genuine. And, with an evil stepmother involved, things are set to go badly for Belinda soon.

The Entitled Ending is Explained

Belinda has finally managed to fit into the new rich world she is part of. However, he also discovers that Attorney Jacob who has been assisting Belinda is in a plot with Matilda to exorcise Belinda from the family. Even though Matilda offers to make him the COO of the company, he refuses to follow the plan.

After avoiding Belinda for a long time, Enrico orders her to sign several documents he has shared with her. Belinda is cornered by Enrico for the company's loss of 30 million pesos. Belinda says to her father that she is unaware of the money loss and that she did not steal it. She returns to the village she came from.

After Belindas disappears, Jacob confesses to Enrico how he executed Matildas plan. By this time he has discovered the truth for himself. He visits Belinda in her village and apologizes to her. He also states that Enrico and Matilda have been denied an annulment.

Belinda expresses how she should not be entitled to all of Enrico's money and status because she is his daughter. She recommends finishing her studies at Enricos hotel after graduation.

Attorney Jacob visits Belinda and accepts her fault. Initially, Belinda is irritated, but by the end, the two make up by kissing the seashore offering a beautiful sunset.

The Entitlednow is available for streaming onNetflix. Click here to read our review of the film.

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