Are you looking for a Di4ries soundtrack list? Here's a list of Netflix series songs

Are you looking for a Di4ries soundtrack list? Here's a list of Netflix series songs ...

Di4riesis is an Italian teen comedy-drama series that was released on Netflix on 26 July 2022. Andrea Arru plays Pietro, Flavia Leone plays Livia, Biagio Venditti plays Daniele, Sofia Nicolini as Isabel, Liam Nicolosi, Federica Franzellitti as Monica, Francesca La Cava as Arianna, Pietro Sparvoli as Mirko, Liam Nicolosi as Giulio, and Fiorenza Tes

Every day is packed with surprises in the halls of Galileo Galilei Middle School. Each episode is told from the perspective of one of the main characters, who serves as the narrator.

The coming-of-age narrative is a sweet comedy that also addresses family separation, peer pressure, learning difficulties in children, and other things. Most importantly, the spectacular soundtracks have introduced the audience to some outstanding musicians.

Below is a list of the Di4ries soundtracks.

The list does not include all of the songs from the program, but the major ones that made us dance to its beats. We have therefore outlined some of the songs we would definitely add to our playlist.

If you are like me who tried to research the Italian lyrics on the internet and found the song, please contact me. Tancredi was often mentioned in the show and even had a mini-concert and comeo.

Since then, the lyrics Vieni Andiamo, la, la, la, Andiamo a Las Vegas, negli hotel a cinque star, which basically means Come on, lets go to Las Vegas, To the five-star hotels, have been stuck in my head.

When Pietro's parents were arguing over a coffee, it's the starting song, and it's no longer a song used at various times. The lyrics are catchy.

When Pietro dares Livia to compete with him on the bicycle, the song is played in episode 1, as well. A laid-back love song which expresses Pietro's love for Livia. (Se mi senti corri da me And if you hear me, run to me)

Isabel begins the episode 2 song by introducing herself and her wishes.

It plays when Isabel is timing Livia in her runnings and they talk about Isabel's crush afterwards. I thought Whip and Sugarsweet were the same songs, due to similar sugar lyrics. But two is superior to one.

Daniele returned to Isa and is feeling better than he expected at various points in the program, but it's still banging.

Livia just received Daniele's text asking for advice on his crush, and Livia is learning to trust herself.

You Have Been Found by Asher Postman

Pietro invited Ariana out on a date and they spend an evening at the beach. The adolescent couple was not meant to be, but otherwise it makes a great confession song.

When class 2D is on their way to the history museum, the song comes on. A delighting song for their adventure.

The hip-hop song plays in the background when only six weeks till the end of school are left and Giulio helps his father with the fishing while showing around the beautiful island.

Di4riesis is now available onNetflix.

Which song from the list is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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