2022's Best Wireless Chargers

2022's Best Wireless Chargers ...

With our top wireless chargers for 2022, you can cut the cord - literally.

The major benefit of a wireless phone stand is that you can forget about finding the appropriate phone cord. You may simply plop your phone down, hear it ding, or feel it vibrate to know that charging has begun, and you're on your way to the races.

Ive spent months researching and evaluating a myriad of wireless chargers, both for iPhone or Android (Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy included) as well as multi-charging systems that leave the guesswork out. If you want a wired system to untangle all of your cables, you can view our Best Charging Stations guide here.

Let's talk about wireless chargers if you want to completely stop using them.


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Anker 313 Wireless Charging Stand is at a great value.

Amazon is a trusted partner.

The Ankers 313 Wireless Charging Stand is a no-frills solution for a desk, table, or nightstand that includes up to 10-watt wireless charging. Its also cheap at $19.99 at its core, but often on sale.

The Anker 313 stand at my desk for over three years has had some wear and tear from moving, but it still charges my phone throughout the day. You can see notifications and even have it propped at a decent height for a FaceTime or video call.

There's really no better value for money wireless charger than the Ankers 313 stand. Though, Anker does offer the 313 circular pad for just $13.99, which supports up to 10-watt charging.

  • $19.99 at Amazonor Anker

MagSafe Charger is the best iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 charger.

Apple is a well-known retailer.

Yes, the iPhone 12 improved 5G, introduced improved cameras, and introduced MagSafe.

A series of magnets is included into any iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 that help for proper alignment when placed on a compatible wireless charger. This eliminates the guesswork of placing your phone down on one of these chargers, as it guarantees that your phone will be in perfect alignment when you hear the satisfying click.

The other advantage is that Apple's MagSafe charger allows faster charging when used alongside a higher wattage wall plug. That's right, your iPhone can be charged at up to 15 watts wirelessly, which means less time to charge. It's simple to use and compatible with your iPhone.

  • $37, originally $39, at Amazon

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Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Stand: Best Stand

Belkin is a venture capital firm.

This Belkin BoostCharge stand is excellent if you're after a simple, classic wireless charging stand. It's a circular desk attached with two arms (think beach chair for your phone) so that your phone can be held vertically or horizontally.

The BoostCharge stand has been used with numerous phones, including the LG Wing, an iPhone 12, a Pixel 6, and a Galaxy Z Flip. Although 10 watts isnt the fastest charging rate possible, it's enough for most people. Especially if youre like me and would use this at your desk.

The whole package includes the AC adapter, the cable, and the stand. So for $30.66 (normally $34.99), you're getting a whole package. You can also select between black or white.

  • $30.66, originally $34.99 at Amazon

Nomad Base Station, the Best Multi-Device Charger


Nomad's BaseStation Hub Edition put three coils into this pad, which included some super-fine leather, to allow you to charge multiple devices at your leisure on the charging pad.

Nomad includes a USB-C and USB-A adapter in the box, as well as international ones. For $119.95, you get a ton of value and a charging pad that works between ecosystems.

  • $119.95 at Nomad

Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods


Belkins' new 3-in-1 BoostCharge Pro charging stand allows you to keep your iPhone in a vertical or horizontal position, and it can quickly charge your Apple Watch Series 7. It even has a pocket for charging AirPods, which is an Apple user's dream.

  • $149.99 at Belkin

MagSafe Duo Charger is the best charger for Apple travelers.

Apple's MagSafe Duo is a unique gadget made out of the same material as an iPad Smart Cover or an iPhone case. It's small and light, but it can also be quickly charged for up to 15 watts, although you'll need a 20-watt or higher wall plug.

  • $109.99, originally $129, at Amazon

Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen is the best option for Pixel Owners.

Google is a company that offers internet services for free.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are specifically designed for these devices. A fan is also included in the stand to cool your Pixel if it becomes too hot, and cool the charge itself.

When your Pixel is docked, it transforms into a Nest Hub, enabling it to be a smart display, give instant access to the Google Assistant, and even be a digital photo frame.

  • $79 at Amazon

Samsung Owners: 15-Watt Fast Charge 2.0 Wireless Charger Stand


This Samsung Galaxy S, Note, Flip, or Fold wireless charging stand, which is similar to the Pixel Stand for Pixel phones, and MagSafe for iPhone, is superior for Galaxy phones. It will not only hold your Samsung Galaxy S, but it will also quickly charge it. There's a USB-C to USB-C connector included in the box as well as a wall plug.

  • $79.99 at Amazon or Samsung

Frequently Asked Questions

Many wireless chargers should be powered with a 20-watt wall outlet. Some more advanced ones like a Pixel Stand may require additional power, so we recommend looking at an Ankers compact 20-watt Nano plug.

MagSafe was first demonstrated on the iPhone 12 and is now integrated into the iPhone 13. Although the third-generation iPhone SE will be released in 2022, it only supports Qi-wireless charging. Here's a complete look at the models that support MagSafe.

  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

For standard Qi-wireless charging on an iPhone or most Android phones, you can expect to get a maximum of 7.5 watts and 10-watts, respectively. Certain devices may achieve higher speeds with proprietary charges such as MagSafe or the PixelStand.

Keep in mind that using a high-wattage power plug, a wireless charging stand or pad that supports the necessary charging speed, and even your phone's case can affect wireless charging speeds.

Prices are accurate and all items are on stock at the time of publication.

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