For June 2022, Neon White is at the top of the Steams charts

For June 2022, Neon White is at the top of the Steams charts ...

When Valve caught up on that particular release, we all knew Neon White would make the Steam Top 20. After the reactions the gaming industry had to the speed-run simulator? It was a fairly safe bet.

Jeff Grubb, a GamesBeat alumnus, is out there grinding out those speed-run times, and if Jeff knows what it is gonna be popular, it'll be popular. Mike Minotti is posing a lot of pressure, though. Someone must save us from that supervillain (editors note: Im currently ranked #129 in the world, and its important that everybody know this.)

I mean, I might be you. I might be the hero we need. Just look at these unmodified, legitimate screenshots of the first two levels. Look at my almost unavoidable speediness across two of the most mechanically simple levels in Neon White.

Witness me. Witness me and ask no followup questions, especially about my times on any of the other games levels.

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The June top 20 isnt focused on Neon White, it's more retro than that. There are a few great bangers this month, but all I can think about is Neon White. It's not about the story, though. I couldn't say the first thing about what the story is really about.

Im pondering about how to perfectly execute a level. How to get rid of a few tenths of a second more from my best time. How to aim at a target that needs a bullet without my arm strewn so badly I miss and have to restart.

Steams are at the top of the 2022 season in June.

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