Steam is removing review scores and award logos from gameimages

Steam is removing review scores and award logos from gameimages ...

Valve has announced that more text, award logos, and review scores are being included in games' graphical asset images. This can result in several issues for users, from the logos becoming so small that they can't distinguish a game's name from the visuals.

Valve warns of review scores that are no longer accurate or came from a less-reputable publication. Moreover, the majority of the text is presented in English. Although English is the most spoken language among the platform's users, there are still many who will not comprehend the words.

If someone wants to know more about a game's ratings and awards, they may go to the store page and see official/user reviews as well as all the award logos.

On September 1, Valve will prohibit discount marketing, so no boasting about sales or money off in the images. It will also prohibit additional information or imagery promoting a different product, such as sequels or games in a franchise.

When it comes to major changes and seasonal events, there are exceptions. However, developers must use artwork overridesse separate layers that sit on top of the existing image for these promotions, and the text must only describe a significant change, new seasonal event, battle pass, or similar new content.

A quick look through Steam shows that the changes will affect a lot of games: Hades' cover is stuffed with all the awards it's won; half of Wasteland 3's main image (top) is made up of its review scores, similar to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (above), Lemnis Gate, and NieR Replicant.

While popular, well-known games will likely not be affected by removal of their award logos and scores, we'll have to wait to see if the change will impact smaller, lesser-known games in any way.

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