Kenan Thompson Discusses When SNL Should End

Kenan Thompson Discusses When SNL Should End ...

Saturday Night Live has been on the air for 47 years, with just three years left before reaching the five-decade mark. And while some may not be able to fathom NBC without a late-night sketch comedy program in their arsenal of programs, Kenan Thompson believes the end is near.

Comedy CentralsHell of a Week with Charlamagne Tha God was premiered in season two, and Charlemagne asked the longest-tenured comedian about the variety program and the rumors that it might conclude with its 50th season.

TheKenanstar was initially a skeptic, avoiding the rumors, but began to express his views on the matter. Lorne Michaels, SNLscreator, may call it quits.

Because 50 is a decent number to stop at, the rumor could have some validity. [Michaels] will probably be around 80 years old, and hes the one who has had his say on the whole thing.

If Michaels withdraws, Thompson warns, it's time to put an end to the program before it tarnishes its legacy.

So, if someone wants to get in his shoes, you know that this is a good opportunity for NBC to save money, said the speaker. Maybe they might slash the budget, and you cant do the same show for the same reason. Capping it, a 50 might be an excellent idea. I dont know.

Lorne Michaels' probable decision to withdraw from SNL in December 2021 was discussed by CBS Morningsfirst.

Michaels assured Gayle King that nothing was out of bounds and that it may be a good time to leave once the series reaches its 50th anniversary.

Watch theHell of a Week with Charlamagne Tha Godclip in its entirety here.

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