So get your weekly love horoscope as it wants you to rekindle the spark in your relationship

So get your weekly love horoscope as it wants you to rekindle the spark in your relationship ...

This is the beginning of a brand new month, so don't be afraid to look back and anticipate the future! Even though your love horoscope for the week of August 1 to August 7 starts off on a shaky note, it is clearing the path for you to find the love you truly deserve. Its Leo season, which means no one is settling for someone who doesnt blow their head. Lean into being low maintenance, baby.

If you are willing to make deceptive decisions with your heart, you can blame it on astrology. Mars meets erratic Uranus in Taurus on August 1, and will likely tempt you to the dark side and encourage you to act impulsively in your love life! However, do not be afraid to spice things up! It may be time to resurrect your energy!

This week, discover your sexuality. After all, the Venusplanet of love and beauty will be at a favorable angle to both Uranus and Mars by August 2, encouraging you to discover new, wonderful possibilities in love. Unfortunately, Mars will also be in a tight and frustrating square with inhibiting Saturn on that day. Expect delays, not defeat!

According to your sun sign, Venus sign, and/or rising sign, your love horoscope for the week of August 1 to August 7 is trying to tell you.

This Month's Planets: How Will They Affect Your Career?

If your current love life situation fits into your family dynamics, you may be happy. However, if someone in your clan isnt supportive of your romantic life, you may feel discouraged. You may also need a break to adjust.

Aries Horoscope for August 2022: Becoming Self-Aware

If you feel like youre buzzing inside and out, you can blame fiery Mars for forming a ruthless Uranus in your sign on Monday. Anything from a sudden love connection to a devastating breakup may occur. On the other hand, you might make a significant shift in your physical appearance or mental outlook on love. These changes may ultimately be the key to your happiness.

Embrace Change: Taurus Horoscope for August 2022

This week, you may be trapped between stillness and impulsivity in your love life. Mars and risk-taker Uranus will meet on Monday, and while this might result in an urge to take unexpected actions, in your case it might feel more like drowning. This might not be a bad thing at all! In fact, you are probably saving yourself from doing something that might annoy you in the future.

You Deserve Better, According to Your Gemini Horoscope for August 2022

This week, youve got some of the most romantically stunning possibilities! On Tuesday, elegant Venus will make a stunning connection to Uranus and Mars. If this happens, you're unlikely to have any issues. In fact, this is probably more than a one-night standoff.

Cancer Horoscope For August 2022: Climbing High

This week, leo, it's more likely to be subtle than yelling from the rooftops how much you love someone. This might explain your more subdued approach to matters of the heart. Fortunately, Venus will make some beautiful connections to Uranus, Mars, and Neptune throughout the week, ensuring that your desire to remain quiet and private about your feelings will be honored.

Happy Birthday, Babe, and Happy August 2022 Leo Horoscope

Dear Virgos, youve been living in a shell for too long and the universe is calling you to drop everything you have to offer. Only if you are willing to give up your self-doubt and take responsibility for the ways in which you have hindered your happiness this month, August will be filled with gifts for you.

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In terms of love and sex life, you may be breaking out of your comfort zone. Something that used to be out of your reach may now be appealing, much to your partner's delight. It should only be lighthearted enough to add some serious excitement to your love life, but not too risky enough to be dangerous. That said, if you're single, you may want to get involved in a one-night stand or a no strings attached situation. Make sure you want it.

Youre Transforming, According to Libra Horoscope For August 2022

Anything goes this week in your love life! Specifically, you may want to be prepared for your partner to undertake some major unexpected action. This could be sexual or emotional. Mars will be coordinating with quirky Uranus in your partnership sector on Monday. Be prepared for sudden, unexpected actions related to your lover's behavior or in your relationship as a whole.

Scorpio Horoscope for August 2022: True Love Exists

The irony is that you may be deciding to become more spontaneous and change the way you do things in your love life. You may be able to instill change in your current partner by crossing that off your to-do list.

Sagittarius Horoscope For August 2022: Going Places

On Monday, a fiery Mars-Uranus conjunction will engulf you in your fifth house of joy, almost guaranteed to stir things up in your love life, and yet, it's precisely the route you'd want to take. Do something with your partner that you'd normally refuse to do, and you'll be surprised to admit it.

Falling In Love: Capricorn Horoscope for August 2022

When Venus aligns with Uranus and Mars this Tuesday, it's possible that an unexpected family tragedy will distract you from your love life or even derail it. Just stay the course. Once you've detonated any fires, you'll be able to deal with this domestic drama again. They may come up with a revolutionary method that actually works.

Growing Up: Aquarius Horoscope for August 2022

When Venus joins Uranus and Mars on Tuesday, you'll certainly fall in love with your partner. This person might even be on your bus or train during your workday commute. Take advantage of the opportunities Venus offers to your love life!

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