Your August Horoscope Says The Leo Season Is Adding Fuel To Your Fire, So Concentrate On What You Love

Your August Horoscope Says The Leo Season Is Adding Fuel To Your Fire, So Concentrate On What You Lo ...

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If you thought July was a stormy month, wait until you see what your August 2022 horoscope will bring. This month is starting with a bang, which is more than appropriate for the Leo season, which always demands a grand entrance! As the sun dances through colorful, creative, and expressive Leo, you can expect the level of passion and drama to skyrocket.

When the month of August begins, you might be adjusting to a significant life change. As Marsplanet of passion and drive joins forces with the unpredictable Uranus-North Node conjunction on August 1, you can expect sudden changes that both inspire you and throw you for a loop. Because there's no way you can predict where this train will take you next, so let the chips fall where they may and redirect your efforts.

This month, your relationships will take a spin, especially when Venus forms an opposition with dark and transformative Pluto. This alignment may increase everyones capacity for mind games, so try your best to keep it mild. Fortunately, once Venus enters bright and shiny Leo on August 11, it will remind you to show your love.

On August 11, Venus forms a trine with expansive and larger-than-life Jupiter, increasing pressure on you and forcing you to be more realistic about your situation. However, this full moon is also revealing a whole new level of strength.

On August 11, a full moon in Aquarius rises, adding pressure to your plate and forcing you to be more realistic.

Mars' drive and conflict will transit into Gemini on August 20th, where it will remain for the next 7 months! Mars will be retrograde from October to January 2023, indicating the beginning of a *long* Mars in Gemini transit. So because Mars loves to stir the pot, call people out, and create some drama, you can expect Mars in Gemini to increase everyone's penchant for rudeness and audacity.

On August 22, the sun will leave behind a bold and creative Leo and enter intelligent and analytical Virgo. This shift will inspire you to be more organized and intentional about your goals, as Virgo loves concocting a brilliant plan and executing it with excellence! Theres no better time than this to cleanse your house, revamp your schedule, nourish your wellbeing, and discover ways to improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

On August 27, a clever Mercuryplanet of logicenters balanced Libra, which will help you see all sides of a situation. It will even encourage you to stand up when you see wrongdoing and advocate for those in need, as Libra is the zodiac's savant of lawyers. However, victory will not have any real meaning if it land on your lap with too much ease.

According to your sun sign and/or rising sign, here's what your August 2022 horoscope has to say about the coming month.

This Month, The Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Mars will converge on Pluto in your 10th house of career on August 14, giving you the courage to overcome whatever has hampered you from reaching your goals. Find out more about your full Aries horoscope here.

This month, youre learning that not everything is up to you (and thats okay)! When Mercury forms a trine with Uranus in Taurus on August 16, you'll get some significant clarity.

Mars may be more passionate, hot-headed, and quick to rage on August 20. Allow this expanding energy to bring you confidence, not destruction! Read your whole Gemini horoscope here.

On August 11, Venus enters your stable and self-sufficient second house, and youll begin learning more about how to satisfy your own needs. You don't need someone to complete you, because youre already whole. Read your entire Cancer horoscope here.

On August 18, Venus in Leo forms a trine with Jupiter in Aries, inspiring you to seek new perspectives and follow your most adventurous instincts! Your solar return is reminding you to live your life well. Read your whole Leo horoscope here.

On August 11, a full moon in Aquarius will remind you to be realistic about your needs. Improving your sixth house of daily routine, its time to prioritize your health and wellbeing even more! Find out more about your full Virgo horoscope here.

In your eighth house of transformation, aggressive Mars will join forces with unpredictable Uranus on August 1, which might bring something in your life to a sudden and unexpected end. Read your entire Libra horoscope here.

On August 1, Marsyour ruling planet joins forces with erratic Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships, revealing that some of your relationships may not be on solid ground. Read your whole Scorpio horoscope here.

As the month draws to a close, enticing Venus forms an opposition with Pluto in your second house of self-worth on August 8. You may find yourself caught up in a power struggle. Read your whole Sagittarius horoscope here.

On August 27, a new moon in Virgo brings the month to a close, allowing you to explore new possibilities and set yourself free. See your complete Capricorn horoscope here.

On August 11, a full moon in Aquarius will send you with magic and endless possibilities. Read your entire Aquarius horoscope here.

On August 27, a new moon in Virgo will bring magic to your seventh house of partnerships, encouraging you to allow love to lead the way as you build lasting relationships that are rooted in mutual respect.

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