Your August Horoscope Wants You To Go All Out & Celebrate Your Solar Return In Style

Your August Horoscope Wants You To Go All Out & Celebrate Your Solar Return In Style ...

Everybody wants to know how youre resurrected from the solar sun, so use your Leo August 2022 horoscope to guide you to success this month. Remember that diamonds are only created when pressured.

On August 1, Mars joins forces with innovative Uranus, sending electricity straight through your 10th house of career and public image. This will motivate you to make a significant shift in your overall brand, bringing your business into the future! However, if you're feeling the need to make an extravagant decision, take it seriously. Enjoy how good it feels to be you.

When a full moon in Aquarius occurs on August 11, it will force you to reflect on what is and isnt working in your relationships. You cant expect someone to be the person you need, nor can they expect you to bend over backwards and make things work. It's also important to realize that love isn't always the answer.

When Venus in Leo forms a trine with Jupiter in Aries on August 18, it will inspire you to try new things and follow your wildest instincts! This is a wonderful time to explore new things, and to introduce yourself to new people.

When aggressive Mars enters your 11th house of community and social networks, you may begin to feel like people are throwing you shade. Remember, gossip is a fast moving subject! Although you can't control how someone feels about you, you can strive to be yourself as authentic and respectfully as you can.

On August 27, Venus in Leo will enter your seventh house of partnerships and encourage you to develop and confidence in your second house of self-esteem. You may be coming to terms with the way certain attachments always leave you feeling depleted. It's time for you to discover a level of confidence that depends on no one else's approval.

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