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Attendant Award for 2021 Board Leadership Awards honors DaVita's Pamela Arway, Johnson & Johnson, Xcel Energy and Clint Allen honored with 20 21 Board leadership awards

Attendant Award for 2021 Board Leadership Awards honors DaVita's Pamela Arway, Johnson & Johnson, Xcel Energy and Clint Allen honored with 20 21 Board leadership awards

STAMFORD, Conn., Sept. 15, 2021 -- Pamela Arway, chair of DaVita, was named "Independent Director of the Year" today by the Daily News. Member of the Corporate Board of Directors. The magazine presented its 3rd annual board leadership awards, a partnership with Galt & Company.

As the company continued to serve its clients through the Covid-19 pandemic, Arway, a longtime boardroom veteran who served as assistant in the Board of The Hershey Company and Iron Mountain, recognized by

She's one of three honorees that independent committee recognizes for her work during a year of swathes and challenges in the world. Some others include:

  • The board of Johnson and Johnson & Johnson are members of the Board. The award recognizes the exceptional achievements of the Boardroom's Excellence Award for their perseverance, leadership, and corporate selflessness in bringing their Covid-19 vaccine to market on non-profit basis.
  • The board of Xcel Energy is a planetary system. The award recognizes the Great Impact on Corporate Boards Award for their leadership in making the utility industry more sustainable, raising the bar for so many other companies.

Besides, there are also several other places where the situation is. Member of the Corporate Board of Directors. Honor the honor. Clint Allen, founder and president of the American College of Corporate Directors, founded the Association of American Universities. He gave a special lifetime achievement award for his dedication to improving the American boardrooms through director education. Allen died last year.

The awards will be presented live on the Board Member's annual boardroom meeting, Sept. 23, followed by a panel discussion with Arway, Anne Mulcahy, lead director, Johnson & Johnson and Ben Fow For more information, or register to the event:

"Being a corporate director is never easy, and this past year has seen the job become exponentially harder," said Jamie Tassa, Publisher. Member of the board of directors of corporate board members. . The Board Leadership Awards show the best in corporate governance in the context of great examples like today's.

The honorees demonstrate the importance of board leadership in this year's incredibly difficult times, said Joe Shalleck, co-founder and senior Managing Director, Galt & Company. "We're honored Member of the corporate board of directors, the member of a corporation. In this important effort to recognize the best in corporate governance, we will do the most important thing. We congratulate them all."

Judges are judged by the judges. The awards are unique because they are chosen by a peer group of experienced public company directors. This year's judges include D. Bryan Jordan, CEO, First Horizon and Board Member, AutoZone, Edward J. "Ned" Kelly, Retired Chairman, CSX; Ellen J. Kullman, President & CEO, Carbon, Chairman of the Goldman Sachs Group; Mike O'Neill, Renewal

About Board member members a corporation member he or she is in responsibilities. During 20 years, the CEO of the Corporate Board, a division of Chief Executive Group, has been the market leader in board education. The quarterly publication provides recommendations to the board members, CEOs, general counsel and corporate secretaries based on the wide range of corporate governance, risk oversight and shareholder engagement issues facing their boards. The Member of the Corporate Board further extends its thought leadership through online resources, webinars, timely research, conferences and peer-driven roundtables. The company maintains the most comprehensive database of directors and officers of publicly traded companies listed with NYSE, NASDAQ Amex and Nasdaq. Learn more at Learn More at boardMost.

About the Chief Executive Group, Inc. About Chief executive group. The Chief Executive Group, the leading community of U.S. business leaders, publishes the book "The Chief CEO Group" which publish publishers the greatest reports published by the chief executive group, published on June 19, 2014. Chief Executive Officer - Chief executive is Chief., a magazine (since 1977),, on behalf of the magazine. Members of the corporate board member board are members of board of directors. As well as producing conferences and roundtables that allow C-Suite leaders to discuss key topics and share their experiences with their peers, the magazine is, StrategicCFO360.COM, strategicCIO360, The Corporate Board Member Institute and The American College of Corporate Directors host a number of peer-led education platforms. The Chief Executive Network, the leading CEO membership organization organized by industry and the CFO Leadership Council, and two peer mentored For more details, please visit

About Galt & Company About KG. Galt & Company is a top-tier consulting firm that helps the executives and their boards develop the strategy and organizational capabilities that deliver superior profit growth and shareholder returns. The firm brings the disciplines of the capital market inside a company, and focuses on strategy, management, performance management and execution on the business and business unit. Galt & Company has been associated with several notable corporate success stories over the last several decades. The firm consistently delivers shareholder returns in the top quartile of their industry peers. The company holds accountable for those results.

We contact the media with a support group:Jamie Tassa, editor, publisher, publishers, e-mail: joanna tasda. Member of the board of directors, member of corporate board. 615-592-1506 665-552-1506.

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