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Auction Sale of complete JD Norman Automotive Component Facility in Horselberg, Germany Currently Underway

Auction Sale of complete JD Norman Automotive Component Facility in Horselberg, Germany Currently Underway

Maynards, a world leader in industrial auctions since 1902, announced the continuation of ten successful bids of the assets of another complete JD Norman factory in Germany. JD Norman, a major OEM and Tier 1 supplier of automotive powertrain and components, shut down in 2020 after more than 20 years of providing assembled components to major automotive companies including major manufacturers including the automotive industry. Audi, Ford, VW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Audi. and Kia .

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Other items that are sold include complete manufacturing lines used for automotive powertrains and engine components. This major sale is currently underway and will end September 29th with an online auction sale. Maynards is managing this sale in conjunction with the global team of automotive asset specialists of Robert Levy Associates and Gordon Brothers.

Over 1,000 Late Model Assets From Premium Brands such as Samag, Heller, Heckert and others including: Over 1000 Late-Model Asset, Including: a Minimum of 5,000 Late Asset Asset from Premium-Marks

  • 150 CNC machines plus...
  • Deep Drilling Machines are deep drilling machines.
  • Leak Testing Machines are the best tools for Leaking.
  • Washing, grinding, clinging and assembling machines, cracking machines and grinding machines.
  • Robots are robots.
  • Cranes are a Cranie.
  • Quality assurance equipment, equipment and equipment.
  • Toolroom Equipment.
  • Factory Vehicles are manufactured vehicles.
  • Storage equipment.

For more details, contact Andreas Matuszczak at [email protected] or visit us at www/ or www www-gordon

Robert Levy, president of Robert L. Associates. "This sale of the best automotive powertrain manufacturing technology represents a remarkable opportunity for our customers in the automotive industry," said Levey. "Beyond that, the auction is important because many of the assets, which were previously used for machining automotive engine parts, can be easily adapted to service wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries."

Maynards cannonard their mayniard's. The equipment and machinery industry has over a century of experience in providing the highest returns to customers. is the world's oldest business.

Robert Roberts Levy Associates For over 40 years, specializes in delivering and managing effective bespoke monetization solutions for industrial assets globally.

Gordon Brothers Since 1903, helped lenders, operating companies, advisors and investors move forward through change. www has helped many lenders and other companies

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