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The JUNO Community Site presents education, inspiration, perspective, connection, and inspiration to the environment

The JUNO Community Site presents education, inspiration, perspective, connection, and inspiration to the environment

JUNO, a software company that connects and educates people in virtual environments for events and year-round, has created op-a-day and hospitality spaces.

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We've curated micro courses and developed a webinar series to demonstrate how our software works, year-round. The launch U experience and the online chat webinar offerings are integrated into JUNO's event and engagement software service," says Josh Hotsenpiller, Founder and CEO of JUNIO. "Our experience in community software and human connection led us to create this tool that was designed for digital transformation."

Hotsenpiller has two webinar interviews scheduled this month with leaders in the business event space. Both will share their takeaways on the evolving event landscape and reveal how they continue to iterate, innovate and impact their audiences.

Register for the event at the top of the table. .

The game will take place on Tuesday, September 16th. Martin, Associate Director of Conferences at the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, will discuss why IASLC decided to standardize their event and engagement platform on JUNO. Participants will examine the design and implementation of attendee UX, the best practices for RFP and event technology selection, and hybrid strategies for success.

The American Arts will be 2pmET/11aPT on September 30. Rubsamen will talk about how he's providing digital and hybrid collaboration for Americans for the Arts, and how his team redesigned AFTA' in-person events by identifying opportunities to retain audiences and grow them through

"We're focused on helping clients to expand the event experience and use technology to support members all year long," Hotsenpiller said. "Events don't have to be singular instances and for those focused on growth cannot be made. JUNO's software platform supports events as part of a 365-day conversation that encourages interactions and encourage-examines.

Launch U is a seven-course course that offers video lessons, articles and questions inspired by EQ principles. It is designed to inspire and guide leaders from different leaders.

Interested parties should register. I'm here here. For the access to all the experiences, which will occur on JUNO at the JUNE at JUNIO in the future, to access the experience, at any time, the events will take place on the day of the event. .

ABOUT JUNOJUNOU connects and educates people in a virtual environment all year round. The transformational software platform company puts service first to help clients unlock the interactive power of communities by eliminating boundaries and accelerating engagement. Learn more at the website. For details or interviews, contact Dana Freker Doody at [email protected] or 972.349.0015.


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