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: la Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, un instrument exceptionnel pour le développement durable de l'Afrique, offre un accès viable en Afrique à 30 millions d'hectares et entretient une

: la Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, un instrument exceptionnel pour le développement durable de l'Afrique, offre un accès viable en Afrique à 30 millions d'hectares et entretient une

The conservation aims to but not profit. African Parks are a country's largest parks. A annonc mardi 14 septembre, an engagement de 100 millions de dollars de la part de l'entreprise, a annonc, un engagement en capital de $100 million de the dette, was sung. Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, Waltone. The most important contribution ever contributed to the conservation of the protected zones in Afrique. This engagement could help the management of 30 African parks in the next decade, with a contribution to the development of the sustainable development network, enabling the establishment of centralized, global cooperation, and the production of sustainable energy.

The impact of the climate crisis is indniable, so we devons quickly and avec audace afin de protger les communauts et de mettre en place la nature a tainted all of Despite the success of the African Parks project, one of a kind in the Afrique, et to the end of its mission to provide more value to communities, our contribution is to increasing the number of projects and

African Parks en charge the management, restoration and maintenance of the natural environment in partnership with the government in 2000, of long term protection of wildlife, habitat and protection for the environment. African Parks consists of 19 hectares of land, with one million gallons of water, a total of four million is available. African parks assume l'entire responsibility for the protection of the natural resources, such

African Parks became the most important employee in many regions. Despite the increasing numbers of a population of animals, the emergence of the braconnage largely abandoned. As of the end of this year, 110 000 people received health services in the health of their homes and their facilities, and more than 100 000 children have access to education dispense in a rural area. A goal of Leur is to manage a total of 30 acres d'hectares en 2030. It supports the efforts of the African government to help achieving the global goal of protection of 30 % of planets for the nature.

For the people of the world, we have the right to protect our planet and the protection of our environment, and our protection against this planet, the extinction of a planet from sa creation. A re-election of the African National Parks (Mr. Walton Foundation) and the community arose from the Bill of Rights of African Americans, he said.

The money being spent in the financial year will be paid to the acquisition of the United States, the money invested in a project in Africa, and the project, which is funded by the agreement of two hundred million dollars, will take effect in The 25 million dollars restants serve to protect the African Parks that en ont le plus besoin. One of these funds is used to fund the development of one of the most significant projects in the world: a national park d'Iona, redevelopment of l'Odzala-Kokoua in This funding helps fund the ten million dollar amount raised in each city during the past five years.

The desire of Rob and Melani Walton is an extraordinary visionnaire, to provide an unrivalled contribution to the protection durables of certains and other areas of the planet. Having been a leader in Africa's parks, the government helped him put 'a key to the conservation of vastes, namely, protecting yet preserving the lands of the rainforest, and s

African Parks has identified 161 zones d'ancrage in Afrique, a identification identifying 162 hectares et acreages en vue : l'exploitation Cependant, seules 69 de ces zones are actuellement protges de manire approprie. As long as the 161 zones benefit from the development of efficient technologies, they create an incredibly important step for the conservation of 30 % of the land in order to protect the environment.

As a result of the grant from the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation, African Parks will continue to improve its productivity and increase the number of animals, and improve the ability of farmers to survive.

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