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'Primavera Health' welcomes Veteran Healthcare Professional and Florida House Representative Nicholas X Duran as President and CEO of the company, as president and executive director

'Primavera Health' welcomes Veteran Healthcare Professional and Florida House Representative Nicholas X Duran as President and CEO of the company, as president and executive director

/PRNewswire/ -- Primavera Health announced today that Nicholas X. Duran will lead the company's expansion in the U.S., a long-standing success. "The long term experience of Mr In 2017, Primavera Health founded its mission, to create an intuitive healthcare technology, maximizes benefits for patients, providers, care managers, and ultimately patients. Primavera gives healthcare teams easy-to-use telehealth software that provides actionable data and streamlined communication.

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"We are very pleased and excited have Nick with us," said Manny Arce, Primavera's General Counsel. "Primavera was the forefront of healthcare technology from the very start. It is a result of data analytics. In the last two decades, our team have created, developed and managed complex IT architecture and relationship databases systems, and honing their skills to build a variety of innovative tools that empower our users and deliver the best results. Primavera developed a revolutionary healthcare operating system to transform the patient-doctor-payor relationship across the care continuum. Recently, the team turned its creative focus on finding a healthcare solution for an all-too common information gap.

Mr. Duran served in various leadership roles in the health care sector and served as a representative for District 112. Prior to joining Primavera, he was executive director of the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (FAFCC). During his tenure, FAFCC members provided Floridians more than $1 billion in free and charitable care and consistently secured bipartisan support from the Florida House, Senate and Governor.

Representative Duran serves on several health care committees in the Legislature. He's the top democratic member of the Health and Human Services Committee and is the chairperson of a Health Care Appropriations Committee. Not only were I appointed to the Appropriations Committee, the Finance and Facilities Subcommittee, and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

Mr. Duran is a member of Leadership Florida. He previously acted as a board member for The Children's Trust and was formerly the co-chair of the University of South Florida Covering Kids and Families State Coalition. He's a graduate of the University of Florida and New York Law School and is based in South Floridian. Mr. Duran lives in Coconut Grove with his wife, Danielle, and two children.

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Primavera is a single application that empowers the healthcare team with an easy-to-use system that delivers effective, actionable intelligence and easy communication. One-stop healthcare solution, with a focus on positive healthcare outcomes and ease of use, is the full suite of Primavera's all-in-one healthcare software. It'll be an unmatched, one-of- Finding results from simple workflows, providing useful data and improving communication have proven to deliver high quality healthcare practice performance. Primavera provides easy access to each member record, case management, scheduling, transportation, healthcare data, and financial data. The healthcare teams can connect data for any necessary party to communicate effortlessly. See you at

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