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Clari announced new features and acquisition to help sales teams win more deals

Clari announced new features and acquisition to help sales teams win more deals

-- Today, the leader of revenue operations, announced new technologies to the market-leading Revenue Operations platform. Clari's new capabilities strengthen the industry'' only purpose-built workspace designed to help sales teams win more deals.

Clari's new execution insights bring together conversational intelligence, email discussions insights, expanded relationship intelligence and new pipeline risk and momentum indicators, enabling managers and reps to close more deals faster and more easily.

"Sales teams waste too much time sifting through complex deal data across multiple tools trying to get the answers they need to win more and be more productive," said Kurt Leafstrand, senior vice president of Products at Clari. "We're bringing order to this chaos by unifying the most actionable insights into a single workstation that streamlines execution and accelerates sales for the entire sales team."

Clari's new execution insights include: "The new ways Claris is using his new technology to execute," he says.

  • Customer Conversation Integrations: Eliminate time spent jumping back and forth across multiple applications. All call recordings are now available in Clari with integration partners with Gong and Chorus, a ZoomInfo company, so all can be reviewed in one comprehensive view.
  • Detailed Activity Views: Take a complete picture of critical deals. Add full activity details together with an expanded view of interactions wherever they occur, including full email body content, sales meetings, and customer conversation integrations.
  • Relationship Insights: Trustful knowing you're connecting with the right people. In order to ensure a healthy engagement with the decision makers, see key relationship metrics for all stakeholders involved in deals.
  • Indicators for the risk & the moment: Risk / Effort Indication: Eliminate the guesswork and know which deals to focus on. Actionable insights provide a guided selling experience, allowing frontline managers to identify and act on pipeline risk or momentum.

In addition to its new execution insight capabilities, Clari announced today that it's acquisition of its own building technology. DealPoint is one of the best deal points in the world. . DealPoint's deal management and collaboration solution allows sales teams to have visibility in the relationships and agreements between buyers and sellers. DealPoint streamlines the connection between buyers and sellers through dealroom technology and mutual action plans. This allows both sides to make arrangements when and when the deals will close.

Using mutual action plans, sales teams can improve the balance between buyers and buyers, drive scalable process and rigor, and win rates, said Andy Byrne, founder and CEO of Clari. "Our acquisition of DealPoint gives Clari customers a new insight that they have never had e.g. viewed what buyers are thinking. Combined with our new execution insights, managers and reps will have comprehensive visibility and new inspection capabilities in a single unified workspace.

General availability of all new execution insights capabilities is expected in Q4 2021. A limited beta program for integrated deal room and mutual action plan technology in Clari is going to open for select customers later this year. General available to select clients,

ABOUT CLARI, COMING TO CLAIR! The Revenue Operations Platform of Clari allows revenue teams to achieve success, predictability and growth across the whole revenue process. Claris delivers complete visibility to their business, ensures rigor, spot risk and opportunity in the pipeline, increase forecast The leading companies, including Okta, Adobe, Workday, Zoom and Finastra, use Clari's execution insights to make their revenue process more connected, efficient and predictable. Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn @clari!


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