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Savage chooses Netradyne to ensure safety for its fleet of Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks; Help Create Safer Roadways; and ensure safer roads

Savage chooses Netradyne to ensure safety for its fleet of Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks; Help Create Safer Roadways; and ensure safer roads

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 15, 2021 Netradyne, a global provider of industry infrastructure and supply chain services, today announced its decision to use its Driveri. . Most of his vehicles have electronics in more than 11,000. Driveri is the latest fleet safety camera platform, which uses vision-based edge computing and AI to influence positive driving behavior and train those who need to improve.

The system will generate audible in-cab and external alerts to help identify potential risks, such as distracted driving, drowsy drivers and potential external hazards, and allow drivers to self-correct. Savage chose Netradyne, because it was able to track driver progress, reward positive driver behavior and help encourage those behaviors with other drivers.

"At Savage, we're always focused on securing our customers and communities, focusing on the safety of our team members, the customers, and the public, as well as finding a better way to move and manage With the addition of Netradyne cameras across our fleet, we're accelerating the safety of the vehicles to the next level with increased visibility, quick access to video, intelligent recognition technology, and real-time reminders of distraction The new cameras also integrate with our fleet management system so we can easily coach drivers based on what we see and reward safe driving behaviors."

Netradyne and Savage are aligned in our safety-focused missions, so this partnership is a sure win to help create safer roads," said Avnaesh Agrawal, chief executive officer, "Netradyne is pleased to allow Savage to improve safety of its drivers and others on the road, as well as protect its customers' products."

Savage uses cellular networks or Wi-Fi to access video footage remotely in real time, eliminating the need for a physical card or older footage to be overwritten. The camera was installed late 2020 in its medium- and heavy-duty trucks and has already begun to see positive results from its use.

About Netradyne, Inc. Netradyne uses the power of Computer Vision and Edge Computing to revolutionize the modern transportation ecosystem. Netradyne is an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, reducing drivers and driving standards. Netradyne collects and analyzes more data points and meaningful information than any other fleet safety organization, so customers can increase retention, improve profitability, save time, and enable end-to-end transparency. Organizations trust Netradyne to build a positive, safe, and driver-focused culture, so they can take their business to the next level.

About Savage Celebrating the Celebrity Celebr Celebration Celebrance the Honor Celebrant Celebry Celebradorance 75 years Savage is a global provider of supply chain services and infrastructure in the industry, with nearly 4,500 teams in over 200 locations. The Company's work in transportation, logistics, materials handling and other services enables its customers and partners to live in the world, Power our lives and sustain the planet.

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