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Solaray announced a new "Live Brighter" campaign and complete brand new relaunch

Solaray announced a new

Solaray, a new brand, is relaunching with aims to reach customers and encourage them to embrace the moments that matter most in life, no matter where they are in their wellness journey. The brand's new campaign launched in the direct-to-consumer market in a joint effort to promote the brand. Live brighter, Live Brighter! , includes a full portfolio rebrand of labeling and logos, derived from the brand's unique timeless look and feel. The brand announced its new recycled bottle and new comprehensive sustainability commitments, with the brand's innovative spirit and Utah-based natural roots.

Solaray launched the first company to open the market. The growth of the industry and the increasing consumer demand motivated Solaran to take advantage of this opportunity. Live Brighter Lives Live. Solaray has been a leader in the developing effective supplements for nearly 50 years. The company has devoted its longstanding legacy to the quality of the multivitamin space to expanding its own spread of knowledge and technology to provide access to It's the #1 A-Z brand in health food stores and the top vitamin and mineral brand among the health-food stores with its vitamin & mineral brands and is the best anti-oxidants label in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement 1, 2 Newcomer Lives brighter than ever. The campaign focuses on the latest Solaray products developed with the highest quality standards, ensuring that they maximize efficiency by a few of the strictest in-house testing protocols.

Solaray has been a tireless advocate for the purpose of achieving optimal wellness for customers, and today the industry is seeing the highest growth in two decades with increased consumer demand, says Michael Crooks. "This rebrand is a new chapter for Solaray as we make it our priority to meet customers and set new standards of excellence and commitment in 'a world where we all learn to adapt to the new norm collectively."

The Solaray brand campaign is complemented by a new rollout of recycled packaging for the commercial use. The new packaging is just the latest addition to the brand's legacy of commitment to sustainability and community. Solaray is committed to championing long-term, vertically integrated, and long term, vision-based initiatives that care for the planet, a partnership with OneTreePlanted committed the planting of one million trees by 20 To further emphasize their commitment to community, they are partnering with the NFL Hall of Famers Steve Young and Jerry Rice as the title sponsor of the Forever Young Foundation's Wellness Initiative. They will contribute to the health of communities often lacking

Solaray partnered with acclaimed solarayer. MATTE Projects are based on the latest research. The creative force behind many of the world's leading lifestyle brands, to bring the creative aspects of this campaign to life. The partnership between Solaray and MATTE Projects is an opportunity for the brand to execute an elevated creative campaign in the multivitamin industry ordinarily dominated by a product-based marketing approach. The man he is called the man who screams the hamp Live brighter in life. The creative is shot on 16mm film with the rare Hawk Anamorphic camera lenses, of which only seven exist, bringing the same level of precision and detail Solaray applies to the creation of efficacious supplements.

As an extension of the new generation, the existing generation will expand the scope of this new-generation generation. Live brighter. Solaray partnered with the agency Edible, Inc. to host a customized nutritional experience which introduces the brand campaign, values and products to health and wellness stakeholders. The attendees will experience a personalized pop-up restaurant, with an experience that will introduce the brand's health and wellness assessment tool.

This health and wellness assessment will be available in October to customers at, providing the public with the same level of personalization. The Solaray product portfolio contains over 900 vitamins and minerals, and supplements that address a wide range of health needs. The products will help customers better match their health interests with the correct supplements.

For more information on Solaray's values, products and commitments to sustainability, please visit

About Solaray

Solaray, Inc. is a pioneer in the mineral, vitamin and supplement industry, founded in 1973, and helped build the class. The brand maintains the goal of a good health and wellness, through its commitment to product innovation, strict testing protocols and sustainable programs that give back to the environment and communities within. Solaray is offering a full line of health vitamins, minerals, herbs and herbal extracts that allow consumers to take care of their health and strive for optimum health. More information can be found at

About The Better Being Co.

The Better Being Co. was founded in 1993 in Park City, Utah and became one of the world's largest and highest quality producers. The Better Being Co. is an integrated manufacturer, distributor and marketer of natural products, including supplements, personal care and other natural resources sold primarily through domestic health and natural food stores, as well as specialty stores and online. The Better Being Co. markets and distributes brands of vitamins and minerals and other natural products to health and natural product distributors and retailers online. The Better Being Co. manufactures and sells its products under various brands, including Solaray, Zhou Nutrition, Heritage Store, KAL, Dynamic Health, Honey Gardens, and Nu U Nutrition. The Better Being Co.'s mission is to help individuals become healthier and healthier by providing the best natural wellness solutions. More information is available at

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1 Vitamin and mineral brands (Vitamins & Minerals category, excluding Multivitamin, in the Foods Stores #1 (A-Z) category (Nominated) #1 in food-growing stores (

2 One in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement category by dollar sales (Vitamins, minerals, Zinc, Elderberry, Echinacea, and Quercetin): #1 Immune Support brand in Vitamin and Minerals

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