With an unglamorous role in Dunkirk, Harry Styles obtained his first major acting gig

With an unglamorous role in Dunkirk, Harry Styles obtained his first major acting gig ...

In the critically-acclaimed film, Dunkirk, Harry Styles made his first appearance on the big screen five years ago. Even though the character did not appear for the first 30 minutes, his role gave him a start toward a much more lucrative career.

The British singer has travelled across many fields. Whether it be music, fashion, or acting, he's tried it all. At the age of 28, Harry Styles' popularity has increased, allowing him to broaden his education in other artistic ways.

Dunkirk depicts the results of hundreds of people sacrificing their lives for the benefit of their country and soldiers.

Styles appeared to be the perfect fit for the role during World War II.

Fans of Harry are relieved to know that he is still alive and well in the film.

The breakout role for Harry Styles was unprofessional.

Harry Styles made his debut as an actor on the big screen two months after releasing his first solo album after splitting up with One Direction. Though he always was fond of music, he quickly developed an interest in the acting industry.

Dunkirk completed its filming in 2016 after 68 days of filming. Ten months later, the 1940s film was released in cinemas. This became Harry Styles' first major role at the age of 23.

Director Christopher Nolan made it very clear on the reasons why the singer was chosen for such a role. The singer simply had an old fashioned face, according to Nzherald. The actor appeared to be the type you would expect him to be in that time.

Nolan described Harry's role as being rather unprofessional. He then identified the singer as being a perfect fit to play Alex's character.

Harry had an honor to play Dunkirk.

The Night Changes from one day to another, and that's exactly what happened to the well-beloved singer. Although fans knew him for being the pretty-talented guy with the curly locks from One Direction, the singer always had a passion for acting.

Harry told Vanity Fair about the reason he had applied for the role and that he just wanted to be a part of the show. Of course, the plot had drew his attention.

When I was younger in school, I started acting. I have always liked it and have always been a huge fan of films, according to Harry.

A prolific musical and acting career

Harry has been rocking his celebrity status with a lot of Styles over the previous couple of years (pun intended). Since he began his solo journey after announcing his indefinite absence from One Direction, the pop star has sold more than 15 million equivalent album sales.

Harry has gone from being a youngster to being a world-class performer. This is reflected in the many projects the British performer has participated in. In 2021, Harry began his acting career.

Eternals, a Marvel film based on a American superhero saga, has made a cameo appearance. The actor is now in the process of complete his portrayal as a lead role. My Policeman, starring his current girlfriend Olivia Wilde, is set to be released in 2022.

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