Robin Williams was hesitant to play Mrs Doubtfire, but another actor rejected it

Robin Williams was hesitant to play Mrs Doubtfire, but another actor rejected it ...

Robin Williams, a late actor, almost sat down to play Mrs Doubtfire, until another actor turned the role down. The rest is history.

With no other Hollywood actor besides Robin Williams, it's difficult to imagine the famous film, which is now over 30 years old, with any other. He transformed the role and film of Mrs Doubtfire to another level, bringing his incredible voice acting talents into the character.

Not only that, he managed to achieve a perfect marriage between comedic and real-life emotional and relatable moments. In this case, being a broken family trying to move on after parents went through a difficult divorce throughout the world.

In the classic film, Robin plays the irritated father who lives his entire existence around his children.

Despite the fact that he almost drew the role, did you know that there were discussions beforehand with another prominent figure?

Today is the first birthday of Robin Williams, who passed away from suicide in 2014.

The iconic Mrs Doubtfire role in Robin Williams was almost played by someone else.

It's hard to imagine anyone else dressing as Mrs Doubtfire bra and all. However, this is what happened three decades ago.

Without Brosnan or Williams, it wouldnt be a childhood classic we all know and love.

Anne Fine, who wrote the book that sparked the film, believed Warren Beatty would be a great cast, according to Screencrush.


The cast did not realize that Robin Williams was wearing a costume.

The comedian also fooled his co-stars, who did not realize it was him disguised as Mrs Doubtfire.

Pierce Brosnan, who played Stu, said on the Today Show that he first saw Williams in his trailer when he was transforming into the nanny. He says she was Mrs Doubtfire from the neck up, but still himself from the neck down.

He joked: I never felt I worked with Robin Williams. I was always working with Mrs Doubtfire.

Matthew Lawrence admits that Chris took him a while to realize who Williams was.

[Williams] was sitting on the couch with my two sisters, and I didnt know that it was Mrs. Doubtfire or Robin, so I just thought, maybe it was the social worker or the teacher or something.

Was it that I know about Mrs Doubtfire?

Following Daniel Hillard's divorce, he follows a gifted father who disguises himself as a nanny in order to spend more time with his children.

Daniel manages to use a prosthetic face and body suit to enhance his appearance, and his voice to adapt to how he speaks. In doing so, he convinces his ex-wife Miranda to hire him as their new nanny in their previous home.

However, he becomes caught up in their lives as Mrs Doubtfire and as himself. And at one crucial moment, he unfortunately discloses his true self, putting a damper on the whole plan.

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