Who was Lilly in Virgin River, and what happened to her before season 4?

Who was Lilly in Virgin River, and what happened to her before season 4? ...

*WARNING: Season 4 of Virgin River will have a few surprises ahead.

Virgin River's central theme has been love and loss since the program was first released on Netflix in 2019.

Season 4 is no different as the town is still coming to terms with the death of Lilly in season 3, but following Hopes car accident while going to Lillys funeral, she is still grieving for what happened to her dear friend.

Virgin River customers who are unconcerned about the previous seasons are also curious about what happened to Lilly ahead of season 4.

Who was Lilly in Virgin River?

Lilly was introduced as one of Virgin Rivers' many residents in season 1. She is the owner of her own farm, Taras mother, and a close friend of several characters, among them Connie and Hope.

After a baby was abandoned at Doc Mullins' clinic in the opening episodes of Virgin River, she quickly became a popular character.

Lilly was revealed to be the baby's mother when Mel was caught breastfeeding the baby while Mel was taking a break.

Lilly was suffering from postpartum depression and wanted to give up her baby Mel named Chloe. However, Mel and her friends encouraged Lilly to keep the baby.

Lilly has participated heavily in the show since then, almost selling her farm to Brady in season 2 while he was working on behalf of a gang of pot-growers. But Lilly refused to sign over her farm after discovering of his business partners.

What happened to Lilly in Virgin River?

Lilly's Virgin River story came to an end in season 3, after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Lilly was noticeably tired and appeared unwell in the initial episodes, with her daughter Tara believing she had too much on her plate.

However, Lilly confirmed to Mel that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer at the end of episode 2.

Lilly kept her diagnosis secret for a few more episodes before finally confiding in Tara and Doc Mullins, but she persuaded Doc not to reveal Hope, who was away from town for much of season 3.

Lilly went to take a quick nap before dinner, but Tara came to wake her, discovering that her mother had died of a stroke in her sleep.

Hope did not make it back in time for the funeral after Doc learning at the end of the episode that she had been badly injured due to a car accident on her way back to town.

In season 4, Hope tries to forget Lilly.

Hope struggles to piece together her memories as she recovers throughout Season 4.

Lilly can remember some events from decades ago, such as her and Docs' first kiss, but her recent experiences are more a blur.

Hope is irritated by Lilly's absence, because her pals mistakenly inform her that Lilly is still alive in an effort to comfort her. However, Doc finally has to confirm Lilly's fate in a heartbreaking moment.

Hope encounters a vision of her late pal in episode 9, when she is in desperate need of some much-needed advice and reassurance.

After its release on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, Season 4 of Virgin River can be viewed now on Netflix.

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