Alan Grant wrote what comic books? At the age of 73, a Scottish comic book writer passes away

Alan Grant wrote what comic books? At the age of 73, a Scottish comic book writer passes away ...

Alan Grant, a Scottish comic book writer, has passed away this week.

On Thursday morning (July 21st), his wife filed a lawsuit against Alan, claiming that he had announced his death on Facebook. He wrote: I have no words. Alan died this morning.

The writer's cause of death is unknown at the time of writing this, but many followers are paying tribute on Twitter.

Alan, who was he? What comics did he create? Read on to find out more.

Alan Grant, who was he?

Alan Grant was a Scottish comic book writer best known for writing a number of Judge Dredd titles for the weekly British sci-fi comic publication 2000 AD.

He also designed various Batman movies and was the co-creator of many of the popular characters, including Anarky, Victor Zsasz, and the Ventriloquist.

When he was only a boy, his family moved to Newtongrange in Scotland. After leaving school, he worked briefly in a bank before becoming a writer.

Alan first joined the comics business in 1967 when he joined Dundee-based media company D.C. Thomson before moving to London to work for IPC.

After becoming a household name in the UK comic industry, he took a major break in the United States and wrote short stories for DC Comics and Epic Comics.

He was married to Susan Grant and they lived together in Moniaive, Dumfriesshire, but it's unclear whether they had children.

Alan Grant has died. A terrible loss for comic book enthusiasts and professionals alike. Read a favourite book or discover a story for the first time and enjoy his work.

Alan Grant's complete list of comic books he created

DC Comics is a comic book company based in Washington, D.C.

AD 2000

  • Thargs Future Shocks
  • Blackhawk
  • Judge Dredd
  • Tharg the Mighty
  • Strontium Dog
  • Ace Trucking Co.
  • Robo-Hunter
  • Harry Twenty on the High Rock
  • Time Twisters
  • Anderson: Psi Division
  • The Helltrekkers
  • Mean Team
  • Mazeworld
  • Bad City Blue
  • Tales from Mega-City One
  • Tales from the Doghouse
  • Judge Hershey
  • Durham Red
  • Middenface McNulty
  • Armageddon: The Bad Man
  • BLAIR One
  • Young Middenface
  • Juliet November
  • Apolcalypse Soon
  • The Bogie Man
  • Whatever Happened to?

Alan Grant wrote some of the greatest Batman stories of all time. He wrote Judge Dredd during the strip's golden age. He wrote Mazeworld.He wrote Tattered Banners. He wrote so much. He wrote freely and strangely and beautifully.RIP


  • Doomlord
  • Joe Soap
  • Manix
  • The House of Daemon
  • Gil Hazzard Codename Scorpio
  • Computer Warrior

Other things to keep an eye on

  • Doctor Who: Invasders From Gantac
  • The Last Ame3rican
  • The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad
  • Makabre
  • Garbage Man
  • The Bogie Man
  • Chinatoon
  • The Manhattan Project
  • Return to Casablanca
  • Psychonauts
  • Jeremiah Harm
  • LEGO Rock Raiders: High Adventure, Deep Underground
  • The Dead: Kingdom of Flies
  • Church of Hell

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