Denny of Virgin River, who is he and what is he secretly up to?

Denny of Virgin River, who is he and what is he secretly up to? ...

*WARNING: There are still surprises ahead for Virgin River Season 4*

Since the Netflix series first appeared in 2019, Virgin River has been packed with dramatic twists and turns.

Denny Cutler's arrival in the final episode of season 3 proved to be another. His presence only grows more apparent throughout season 4, as his true purpose in Virgin River becomes evident.

As suspicion of the character develops, who is Denny in Virgin River and what is he up to in season 4?

Denny, who is he in Virgin River?

Denny Cutler comes to Virgin River claiming to be the grandson of Doctor Vernon Mullins.

He first appeared in the season 3 finale, and in episode 1 of season 4, he appears on Doc's doorstep and divulges the shocking revelation.

Denny explains that he is the grandson of Rose Miller, a woman whom Doc dated during college before they broke up when Vernon went to med school.

Denny reveals that Rose is still alive while both his own parents died, his mother when he was a kid, and his dad just a month ago.

Doc doesn't take long for Doc to announce that he has a grandson, and he introduces Denny to Lizzie, who quickly hooks up.

Despite his pleasant introduction, Denny's performance isn't everything that it appears, with Muriel urging Doc to be wary of the newcomer's intentions.

The suspicion around Denny is growing.

Denny constantly pushes Lizzie away and tries to keep her at a distance, despite both them admiring each other.

Mel discovers Denny breaking into the clinic's medicine cabinet in episode 5. Later in the season, suspicion grows around him as Lizzie discovers a bottle of clonazepam that is used for someone else.

We see that Denny discovers files containing the clinic's financial information after Hope invited her to come and live with her and Doc.

It all appears to be happening again following Muriels warning about Laney Baxter, who had a niece visit and scammed her out of her money. Especially when Denny pays a visit to the bank to deposit a large sum of money.

What is Denny's doing now?

Denny is infected with Huntingtons disease, which is terminal, and he wants to do some good before his time ends.

Huntingtons disease is a degenerative disorder that prevents parts of the brain from functioning correctly over a period of time. It is usually passed on from a person's parents, which Denny most likely did from his father.

Huntingtons can be troubleconcentrating, memory loss, depression, and mood swings, according to the UK NHS website. It can also be difficult to move, breathe, and communicate.

Lizzie's bottle of clonazepam (branded as Klonopin) was initially prescribed to Denny's father, but he has since been using the medicines himself to relieve his symptoms.

Dennys illness is the reason why he keeps chasing Lizzie away because he doesnt want to hurt her. His condition is continuing to worsen.

Denny wasn't stealing money, he was actually paying off the mortgage on the clinic with insurance money he received after his father's death. He wanted it to be a pleasant surprise for Doc and the team.

In Virgin River, who plays Denny?

Kai Bradbury takes on the role of Denny in Virgin River.

The 28-year-old actor was born on January 9, 1994 in Vancouver, Canada. He is of Japanese and Scottish origin.

While at school, he participated in a number of plays and improv shows.

Kai made his professional acting debut in Amazon's The Man in the High Castle in 2016. He has appeared in 12 other roles since.

Kai is well-known for his roles in Virgin River and Motherland: Fort Salem. He is also well-known in The Terror, Warigami, Supernatural, Altered Carbon, and The Boys, where he played Kimikos brother.

After its release on Wednesday, July 20, the fourth season of Virgin River is available to stream now on Netflix.

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