John Arne Riise, the greatest player I've ever seen, was wowed by Tottenham's 11-million-plus star

John Arne Riise, the greatest player I've ever seen, was wowed by Tottenham's 11-million-plus star ...

As he told the Filthy Fellas podcast, former Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham midfielder, Moussa Dembele, is the best player I have ever seen with the ball.

During his time at Fulham, he played alongside Dembele, revealing how amazing he was when the ball was at his feet.

After two years at Craven Cottage, the now 35-year-old came into Tottenham in 2012.

After injury forced Spurs to sell him to Guangzhou R&F for 11 million during the 2019 January transfer window (BBC Sport).

Riise coached with some of the finest players during his career, from Steven Gerrard at Liverpool to Monaco, but Dembele is someone who just left him with his jaw on the floor.

I mean Spurs is a big team, but (how he didnt end up at a bigger team) said Riise. Oh my God, with the ball, his strength, and his vision.

Oh my goodness, he is the best player I have ever seen when it comes to what he can do with the ball. His touch. You couldnt get the ball off him.

Everybody says that in every club. He was simply amazing. He goes to training and is so chilled, like he is on the field and relaxed. It doesnt appear like he cares.

But when the ball is there, oh my God. He was also so strong.


Teams, players, pundits, supporters, and the media all lace everything that goes onto the field in the modern era with stat after stat after stat.

Without a doubt, it is required, but one thing is for certain: it can repair a lot of cracks, it can make someone look better than they are, and it can be overused.

But when it comes to a player like Dembele, statistics don't matter because he is the prime example of someone who you need to watch and enjoy him moving the ball forward in midfield like he is a Ferrari among Nissans.

A footballer and a player that almost-on every opponent seem to claim that he is the toughest they have ever encountered are two streets that will never forget.

Dembele is likely to retire shortly, as he disclosed recently ahead of his contract expiring in China.

Yet, one thing is for certain: he is a player that will be loved by many and someone who could have done a lot more if injuries had not impacted his later years.

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