Kim Kardashian's Free Gunna tweet, according to fans, might free a rapper from prison

Kim Kardashian's Free Gunna tweet, according to fans, might free a rapper from prison ...

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter and wrote Free Gunna in her support for the currently in jail rapper.

Kim is a tireless advocate for criminal justice reform, despite her many successful businesses. She has assisted many individuals in escaping prison.

Kim's tweet expressing his support for rapper Gunna has given his followers hope for the 29-year-old artists' release.

Following Kim Kardashian's remark, here's what Free Gunna means.

On July 20, Kim tweeted the hashtag Free Gunna. She also used emojis to refer to the rapper Pushin P.

Free Gunna is a social media hashtag created by rappers' fans and supporters who want him released from prison.

The rapper was denied bond for the second time in his ongoing Young Stoner Life RICO case on July 7, according to TMZ. The singer will be in Georgia prison until January when his case will be heard.

Rapper Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, has been charged with racketeering alongside Young Thug, a fellow rapper, and a number of other individuals.

Gunna has pleaded not guilty to the charges and penned an open letter about the United States Constitution on his birthday (June 14).

Fans respond to the tweets from stars.

The majority of fans urged and even believed that the advocate for criminal justice reform would be the one to free the rapper.

GUNNA FREE if Kim Kardashian says Free Gunna. Yall KNOW she had the best team, and another one.

Kim Kardashian might be the one to liberate Gunna

Kim kardashian is so real for that tweet, and there's no gunna.

i would have never imagined we live in the world where kim kardashian tweets free gunna

Kim aided in the release of several persons from jail.

Kim, who has been on the verge of becoming a lawyer for the past few years, has also helped to liberate a lot of people from their prison sentences.

Alice Marie Johnson, a well-known person who Kim freed in 2018, was able to escape from prison after 19 years thanks to Kims' effort.

Kim aided Crystal Munoz and 16 other women in their quest for freedom by donating to a 90-day campaign.

Momolu Stewart, a 39-year-old woman who was released after serving more than 23 years, was also helped.

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