Despite the open ended season, Parampara's third season is in jeopardy due to early reviews

Despite the open ended season, Parampara's third season is in jeopardy due to early reviews ...

The early reviews for Parampara S2 put doubt on the series' future, despite an open ended and several hint for season 3.

The modern streaming industry is certainly a roughshoot, with series and productions being approved and canceled almost in a blink of an eye.

Certainly, considering the sheer number of new episodes each week, it is no surprise that fans are often left feeling disappointed about any given series' future if the renewal isnt publicly and openly announced.

This article will inform you all you need to know about the Telugu crime drama's renewal status.

Hotstar has released Parampara Season 2 now.

Only seven months after the first episode of Disney Plus Hotstar, the second season of the hit political crime drama Parampara was finally released for streaming on OTT via Disney Plus Hotstar.

There are a variety of subscription plans that will allow access to the entire Parampara catalog on Disney Plus Hotstar:

Season 1 made its return in December 2021, despite fans and critics alike. This David vs. Goliath scenario is certainly catching fans' attention.

The rather bleak first season finale posed more questions than answers, with the highest-rated review on IMDB stating how Sadly the climax episode did not conclude well and that The ending might be weaved in such a manner just to make a base for Season 2.

The good news is that season 2 has thankfully been able to progress the story from this underwhelming conclusion, but the bad news is that the prospects of a third season, unfortunately, remain hazy following a surprising poor critical response.

Season 3 of Parampara remains a possibility, but studies raise questions.

Nor the showrunners or any associated distribution partners have yet officially confirmed that Parampara season 3 is in the works.

Throughout the recently released second installment, the possibilities for season 3 are certainly hinted at.

The surprising open ending to the Parampara season 2 finale gives hope to fans that the next season will be developed, especially considering how the last episode ended up being good!

The third season of Telugu ABP Live has been praised for being more enjoyable than the previous two seasons due to the fact that the relationship between Gopi and Rachna has been the basis for the whole program.

However, renewals are entirely dependent on the number of households who subscribe to it and the positive reaction from viewers. Unfortunately, the initial criticism for Parampara season 2 appears to have thrown a bloody punch into the works.

LeisureByte describes season 2 as a dull, soapy, and unnecessary revenge drama, and that the entire series should have been completed in ten episodes without another season, indicating that the creator might intend to tell the story in small segments over many seasons.

ABP Live from Telugu says that if you are free you can see it once for a weekend time pass, although it remains a fairly routine story. On Gadgets360 and OTT Play, a score of 3/5 can be seen, with the latter demonstrating how Parampara season 2 may employ familiar tropes, but [it] isn't driven around the bush.

In a recent interview, actress Divi Vadthya said she was looking forward to the third season, indicating that the cast is at least willing to take on a new task. However, we have failed to verify any of the information provided during the interview.

If Parampara season 3 is confirmed, filming may have to go backward due to the schedule of its main actors. Chandra, Babu, and Sarathkumar are all working on at least one more project for the remainder of 2022, with Sarathkumar getting credited with five new roles.

Whatever the outcome for Parampara's outcome, production will likely have to wait until the casts schedule is clear; anticipate a season 3 release date (if renewed) sometime in Q3 2023; fingers crossed that an official announcement regarding Parampara season 3 will be made shortly.

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