Report: A Leeds and Arsenal prospect who has everything is now unsure about his future

Report: A Leeds and Arsenal prospect who has everything is now unsure about his future ...

Cody Gakpo is now questioning his future at PSV, according to the Dutch outlet ED.

The winger has been heavily linked with a move to the Premier League this summer, but he has not made much fuss about this speculation.

However, the Dutch club has now placed a pricetag on him of more than 40 million euros (34 million), and the player himself is unsure whether or not he wants to stay.

This isnt to say that Gakpo is angling for a move, but according to this report, he is quite unsure on what to do.

To be honest, we can understand why he might be a little tense.

On the other hand, a move to the Premier League would be a dream come true for any player. After all, it is the world's largest and highest-paying league.

Gakpo is only 23 years old, and he is coming off the back of a season where he won the Eredivisie's Player of the Year.

Gakpo is certainly a player who can excel in England, but it was previously argued that he is a person who has everything.

He is clearly playing very well for the PSV, and while he may feel that he is capable of playing at the very highest level, one more year cutting his teeth in the Netherlands is bound to be a disaster.

Perhaps his decision will be influenced by which team he picks this summer.

Gakpo has been linked to both Arsenal and Leeds, and, with all due respect, one of those destinations is much more appealing.

Despite Arsenal being one of the greatest and most influential English football teams, Leeds hardly remained in the Premier League last season, and even the most affluent Leeds fan would have to admit a move to Elland Road would be a departure for Gakpo.

Gakpo is unsure about his future, but it's much easier to turn down Leeds than Arsenal.

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