Phillips announces his retirement from Leeds to Manchester United

Phillips announces his retirement from Leeds to Manchester United ...

Kalvin Phillips has opened up about Manchester United's intention to sign the England international while he was at Leeds United. The midfielder stated that he was always going to shoot the Red Devils down.

Phillips admitted that he was honoured to get United interest during the summer, however, his loyalty to Leeds meant that a move to United would never happen.

Phillips has signed for United's cross-city rivals Manchester City, for a reported 45 million fee after proving himself as one of the Premier League's best players in the previous two seasons with Leeds and leaving his boyhood club for a team that would not provoke outbursts among supporters.

Phillps' departure will leave a significant hole in the Leeds team, with the midfielder still reportedly in the club WhatsApp group chat as the England international spends his first pre-season not as a member of the Yorkshire side, with City currently on a mission to the United States.

Phillips' leaving Elland Road was always going to happen, but according to the player, a move to United was never on the cards, despite the Red Devils making an attempt to sign the dynamic midfielder this summer.

Phillips said: Going to United? There was never a chance of me going to Leeds. My family is all Leeds fans. I was honoured by United for wanting me to be one of the world's greatest teams but, no, I had to stay loyal to Leeds and go to the other side of Manchester. It's just the way I am. I want to be loyal to the people who have given me the greatest opportunity in the world.

Phillips made a mistake by refusing to sign for Manchester City.

Very few players have crossed the Leeds United divide via Elland Road, yet for supporters, Phillips did not join that very small list this summer, instead signing for City, a move that will benefit both the player and the Whites in the long run.

After rejecting a move to United, Leeds paid a huge transfer fee for an academy player, while Phillips is now allowed to play for a club where silverware is almost guaranteed every season.

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