In funny memes, internet users joke Transformers caused the Hoover Dam explosion

In funny memes, internet users joke Transformers caused the Hoover Dam explosion ...

An explosion occurred at Nevada's Hoover Dam on Tuesday (July 19th) and the issue has sparked a number of funny jokes.

A large cloud of black smoke rose out of the Hydroelectric power facility, causing panic throughout America, but the small fire was swiftly extinguished, and no one was hurt.

The cause of the minor explosion at the Colorado River's Black Canyon has been identified.

A transformer was the culprit, which has spawned a number of hilarious memes on the internet.

Transformers caused an explosion, according to internet users.

When a transformer caught light, the Hoover Dam explosion was tragic.

A transformer is a piece of equipment that converts the current generated in the dam from within the generator to a higher voltage.

Many immediately thought of the Transformers film series, which started in the 1980s.

Transformers are living robot beings from Cybertron's distant planet, and in a 2007 Transformers movie, the robots are at the Hoover Dam.

This has sparked some funny rumors that the Hoover Dam explosion was caused by the Transformers.

NOW Explosion at Hoover Dam in Nevada,

Memes about Transformers on the Hoover Dam have flooded Twitter.

The real culprit:

That Hoover Dam explosion was already known.

It wont be the first time:

The Hoover Dam has not been damaged for the first time by a Transformer

Didn't realize it was that bad:

A transformer blew at the Hoover Dam, but I didn't know it was this bad! Yikes!

This film clip has taken over Twitter:

Hoover Dam Transformer Explosion! #TheEndIsNear #Prophecy

Perhaps they're working on a new film:

A new photo of the Transformer blowing the Hoover Dam has surfaced.

A new photo shows a transformer blowing at Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam's Transformer: What Happened? The transformer at Hoover Dam

There were no injuries.

The fire at the Hoover Dam was unfortunate to be extinguished rapidly, and there were no injuries or fatalities.

Visitors and employees are not hurt. There is no danger to the power grid. Power is still being generated from the powerhouse, according to the Bureau of Reclamation.

Despite knowing that the fire was caused by a transformer that lit the fire, they are still investigating the cause of the fire and will update you as soon as they are available.

At the time of writing this, no new information about the incident was available.

We are currently investigating the cause of the fire and will provide further information as they become available.

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