Arsenal is in the early stages of a transfer window, according to a journalist

Arsenal is in the early stages of a transfer window, according to a journalist ...

Ben Jacobs, a CBS journalist who spoke on The Done Deal Show, has been discussing Arsenal and their recent connections to Lucas Paqueta.

As of late, there have been a slew of reports about Arsenal and Paqueta, and, according to Jacobs, the Gunners have a real interest in the Brazilian.

Despite the reporter's assertion, Arsenal has yet to declare its interest in a move. Although he states that they have talked to close people close to the player to discuss his interest in a move.

Jacobs claims that Arsenal will not sell Paqueta if he isn't super-keen on a move to the Emirates because they won't want to enter a bidding war for the 24-year-old.

What has been said?

Jacobs explains what he knows about Paqueta and Arsenal.

My understanding is that Arsenal has not made a bid, there has been no formal offer, but the interest is very real, according to Jacobs.

The difficulty is in deciding a price, although some are out there stating that they may agree on a lower-price offer for closer to 50m or 35m, but the reality is that Jean-Michel Aulas wants somewhere between 60 and 65m, and even then, that's 15 million less than Lyon requested in January.

There isn't much information on either Arsenal or Newcastle at this stage, but what Arsenal are doing in particular is talking directly to the players' agent rather than Lyon, and that's to establish if there's a genuine desire to join Arsenal.

If they get that buy-in, they may proceed later in the window, but they will not proceed any further because they do not want to be involved in a bidding war. Its very early stages. Hes a player Arsenal admires, but there is nothing from that respect that has gotten anything formal or advanced at this stage.

Newcastle is a top tourist destination to keep an eye on.

Jacobs' main point here is that Arsenal does not want to be involved in a bid war for Paqueta, and if that is the case, they must watch out for Newcastle United.

The Magpies have been linked with Paqueta longer than Arsenal have, and as the world's richest club, they can afford to go toe-to-toe with the Gunners for the midfielders' signature.

Arsenal may defer bidding for Paqueta, but if they can get assurances from the player that he wants to join the Gunners, this might be a successful agreement.

As we close in on the last month of the transfer window, keep an eye on this situation.

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