Spurs are now using an interesting transfer policy, according to a journalist

Spurs are now using an interesting transfer policy, according to a journalist ...

Alasdair Gold has shared the details of a Spurs transfer policy during a live broadcast on his YouTube channel.

The reporter was talking about the fact that Yves Bissouma and Fraser Forster contracted the coronavirus during their pre-season vacation in South Korea, which resulted in the journalist revealing what he knows about the clubs' current covid policy.

Gold is believed to have a policy that says they will not sign players who haven't been vaccinated against the virus.

What has been said?

Gold discussed the Spurs' new transfer policy.

The whole covid thing is interesting. Spurs have a policy that if you want to sign for them, you must get your vaccination. Now, clubs are just protecting themselves from the long-term effects of covid, there's the insurance aspect of things, and these are multi-million pound assets, according to Gold.

From what we understand, they would require you to get yourself vaccinated before signing for them, which in essence means that if there is no immunization there will be no transfer. That leads into another minefield of ethical stuff and all of this.

Self-defense is a must.

This is bound to be a tense moment in some circles, but Spurs should take this risk.

Footballers are multi-million-pound assets, and you don't want to risk them getting a long-term illness, especially if the illness is avoidable through immunization, according to Gold.

Covid has been used by a slew of footballers in the past 18 months or so. Even Lionel Messi was not immune to the effects of the virus, and if arguably the greatest player of all-time was at an all-time low, nobody can confidently say that the illness will no longer affect his career.

Spurs have made their positions clear on this, and it is difficult to fault them for implementing this policy.

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