The 30-day Intimacy Challenge at TikToks aims to bring couples closer

The 30-day Intimacy Challenge at TikToks aims to bring couples closer ...

Are you looking for a way to spice up your relationship with your partner? If youre willing to take the 30 day intimacy challenge, a TikTok trend might be helpful.

A lot of couples go through a stage where other aspects of their relationship tend to outweigh intimacy. So, the latest trend aims to remind them how crucial it is to be intimate with your partner.

As they have shared their experiences on social media, the challenge seems to have caused miracles in a few people's romantic lives.

What is the 30 day intimacy challenge?

As the name suggests, couples must be intimate with each other every day for a month under the 30 day intimacy challenge.

Although the accepted way of thinking about this trend is that you must have intercourse with your partner every day of the month, some people have chosen to skip physical contact on certain days and instead bonding over emotions.

The partners would find themselves drawn closer and more attracted to each other at the end of the challenge.

The trend also does not have any set guidelines on how to establish intimacy with your partner. Thus, the participants may choose to do what they are comfortable with.

Users of TikTok are reacting to the trend.

Although some TikTok users may have been puzzled by the 30-day intimacy challenge, a few have noted that the challenge improved their relationships.

Wow, 30 days in a row.. that is certainly a challenge..hahha, I've just commented on one user.

Another one: My husband and I tried the intimacy challenge and it worked for us!! Yall must try it!

Unsurprisingly, many users prefer to laugh.

Is it a tool to help or to just avoid problems? One joked.

Another comment: Who the hell has that kind of time?! You deserve a medal for this.

Try the Strawberry Questions test.

TikTok has become well-known for putting together a number of fun couples challenges. Users have recently become obsessed with a new challenge, the Strawberry Question.

Through a series of questions, your partner claims to show if your partner is cheating on you. The answers determine whether or not your partner is loyal.

If you were really hungry, you'd eat the strawberry if you passed a strawberry tree.

If the partner says no, the test concludes. However, if the answer is yes, they must reply to the following question: How many?

If there was a fence, would you leap over it? The last question on the test is: What if there was a fence, would you jump over it?

So, if your partner decides to answer all of the questions, the contestators will betray you.

Despite the fact that the Strawberry Question test is unsupported, it is important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support it.

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